Localicious has arrived on Android!


Today we’re proud and excited to launch a brand new mobile app: Localicious!

Available now as a free application for Android phones & devices, Localicious represents the first truly ‘neighborhood-aware’ mobile app, with laser-focused neighborhood search to help you find great local businesses fast.

Localicious immediately detects not just your location and city, but also the real-world neighborhood you’re in. We’ve got 80,000 neighborhoods covered, so you’re likely to be in one of them.

Then, you can enjoy all kinds of Localicious features:

· See the most popular businesses in your ‘hood: the most searched ones as well as hot spots at this very moment. Real time updates make it easy to get the pulse of what’s happening now in your locale!
· Heading out? Pick any other neighborhood – across town or across the country — and get in touch with what’s happening there. Tap to map all your nearby neighborhoods and zoom in to the business you’re looking for.
· Ever forget to check in when you go someplace new? Foursquare check-in is easier than ever now with ‘pre check-in’. Find a place in Localicious, tap the pre check-in button and….that’s it! You’ll be automatically checked in when you arrive. Skip awkward moments of fumbling for a phone or annoying your friends. Just set it and forget it!

We hope you’ll like Localicious. If you’ve ever scrolled through a list of hundreds of Starbucks or lost time trying to find the ‘right’ restaurant on 1st Avenue, you know that more is not always better. By knowing what neighborhood you’re in or about to go to, Localicious makes searching a breeze instead of a workout.

Give it a try now and download the app for free in the Android Market!

Find out more at www.local-icious.com.

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