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Moving is kind of a big deal–there are so many things to consider when choosing a new place to live. The house has to be the right size and have at least most of the fixin’s—kitchen, garage, a yard for your herd of wiener dogs. But choosing the right neighborhood is about more than just finding the house: it’s also about choosing your neighbors and community. Not only should your neighbors be reputable people, they should be cool enough to invite over for #TacoTuesday! Once you’ve run a background search on your new neighbors to confirm that they’re trustworthy, invite them over for a delicious meal. Today, we’re here to celebrate your journey in finding the right community—with tasty taco recipes to make and share!

Tacos de lechon

It’s awfully hard to turn away a meal made with slow-roasted pork, one of life’s tastiest meat options. Lechon, a dish served around the world and made from whole-roasted suckling pig, is at its most delectable when wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Sprinkle this glorious offering with homemade pico de gallo and some pickled peppers and you’ve got yourself a treat. But you don’t have to roast a whole pig for this recipe—pork carnitas works nicely too.

Breakfast tacos

Even their name is straight and to the point. Breakfast tacos are a wonderful thing, and just as customizable as any other kind of taco. Add scrambled eggs, chorizo or bacon, queso fresco, and perhaps some radish slices, avocado, and cilantro and wrap up your tortilla—corn or flour will do! Don’t forget the hot sauce. Recipe right here.

Fish tacos (without the fried fish!)

A lot of fish tacos you can order in a restaurant come with battered and fried pieces of fish. But for a fresher, arguably tastier approach, look for a taqueria near you that makes fish tacos with any kind of fresh-caught fish, like halibut, cod, snapper, shrimp, or even marlin. These fish tacos will ideally come with any combination of sliced cabbage, lime, spices, red onion, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, hot sauce, or cilantro. They’re fin-tastic! Click through this gallery for a whole bunch of recipes.

Tacos de cazuela

Depending on which region of Mexico your taqueria’s recipe is from, tacos de cazuela could be filled with any number of wonderful things. In Queretaro, tacos de cazuela come with strips of poblano chilies cooked in tomato sauce, or eggs with pasilla sauce. If the recipe comes from Toluca, expected to see stewed greens like spinach, green chilies and mushrooms, or pork rind and squash blossoms. So versatile—so delicious, any way you get them. Try this vegan recipe for a whole lot of flavor.

Fry bread tacos

FRY BREAD. If you’ve never had it, you have missed out on something wondrous. It’s like an elephant ear but without all the sugar. Oily, buttery, savory, fry bread is a perfect foundation for tons of flavor and texture. Top a piece with a savory stewed meat like carnitas, beef barbacoa, or pork al pastor, shredded lettuce, onion (pickled or raw), stewed tomatoes, and cilantro. If you find a restaurant or truck in your area that makes these, you’ve found your forever home. If not, you can make your own fry bread and go from there!

What’s your favorite recipe to make for #TacoTuesday? Do you and your neighbors like to get together? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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