Introducing the new Mr. Number

Have you ever had problems with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who wouldn’t stop calling? Can you really trust that text message from your bank asking you to verify your account data? Are you sick and tired of your mobile phone ringing with political robocalls or telemarketers? Whitepages can help! It gives us great pleasure to announce the release of Mr. Number 3.0, an entirely new version of our industry-leading Android call blocking and call protection application. We’ve rebuilt Mr. Number from the ground up, focusing on continuing to bring you the same easy-to-use call blocking that you’ve grown to love but with a beautiful, all-new user interface focused on simplicity and performance. Like previous versions, Mr. Number 3.0 allows you to:

  • Block calls and texts* from one person or the entire world
  • Automatically stop telemarketers and debt collectors before they waste your time
  • Intercept calls from hidden or unknown numbers and hang up** or send to voicemail
  • Report telemarketers, robocalls, phishing and dangerous texts to warn other users
  • Automatically lookup all numbers in your phone’s history so you’ll know who to block

Of course, Mr. Number 3.0 is just a start. With the new version we are also laying the foundation for a number of innovative new call protection features that we will be releasing in the very near future. Mr. Number 3.0 is available today in the Google Play Store and is completely free.

Is that enough for you? No? OK, then how about this: we’re also announcing Mr. Number for iOS. Mr. Number for iOS brings the same great call blocking and advanced spam protection to iPhones, protecting iPhone customers from the ever-increasing problems of phone scam, fraud, telemarketers and robocalls. Like Mr. Number for Android, Mr. Number for iOS also allows customers unlimited lookup of unidentified phone numbers including the ability to blacklist any and all unwanted callers and texters. Mr. Number for iOS will be available soon from the Apple App Store and just like its Android counterpart will be completely free.

* Text blocking not supported by Android 4.4/KitKat or later
** Hang up not supported by Android 5.0 or later

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