The most iconic dad names and men who share them


It’s Father’s Day, and while you might mark it with a card, a phone call, or a goofy tie,consider what our dads are up against: They’re measured against our collective idea of what dads are supposed to do or be. And after almost 100 years of lovable TV dads, our real-life dads have a lot to live up to. We’ve put together a list of the most iconic dad names and the men who have the rather large task of living up to them.

Ward Cleaver “Leave it to Beaver”

1 man in the US has this name

02 top10tvdadsAlthough we can’t be sure of his occupation, Ward always seemed to make it home in time to read the paper before dinner and dole out advice to his sons.

Trivia: Hugh Beaumont also starred in “The Mole People” a sci-fi film from 1956 voted one of the worst in the genre.


Fred Flintstone “The Flintstones”

2 men in the US have this name

fred flintstone hammock

One of the most yabba-dabba-doo-dads of all time.


Archie Bunker “All in the Family”

4 men in the US have this name

ArchieBunkerOne of the most memorable characters in TV, Archie was a bigot, but also loved his family and did the right thing on occasion. The show won numerous awards, and was #1 for most of the 1970s. It touched on all the pressing issues of the day, both comical and thought-provoking at the same time.
Less than 30,000 people in the U.S. are named Archie, but the name’s experienced a burst of popularity since 2000.

Trivia: Producer Norman Lear’s first choice for Archie was Mickey Rooney.


Michael Bluth “Arrested Development”

13 men in the US have this name



Phil Dunphy “Modern Family”

14 men in the US have this name

phil dunphy thingsiwant

Perhaps the most lovable dad of all time.


Tony Soprano “The Sopranos”

16 men in the US have this name

sopranos3 2You probably know the story of Tony Soprano by now; surburban dad who’s also a Mafia “Capo”.

The name Anthony breaks the Top 50 most popular names in the U.S (1,344,404), with the most people having that name living in New Jersey, but you know Tony’s the (deeply-flawed) boss.

Trivia: Actor Ray Liotta was the first choice to play Tony Soprano, but he didn’t want to commit to a TV series, so James Gandalfini was chosen.


Carl Winslow “Family Matters”

21 men in the US have this name

tumblr m9r4iimfes1rsafs7o1 500


Don Draper “Mad Men”

44 men in the US have this name

don draper smoking gif i8
We won’t go so far as to call Don a great dad, but he always manages to look great doing it.


Homer Simpson “The Simpsons”

54 men in the US have this name

Bart amp Homer 4

Can you imagine living your whole life as “Homer Simpson”?


Ned Stark “Game of Thrones”

109 men in the US have this name

Ned didn’t stick around for long, but he was great while he lasted.


Robert Crawley “Downton Abbey”

146 men in the US have this name


DWS – Dad with swagger


Danny Tanner “Full House”

237 men in the US have this name

tumblr m5nbjbYt9A1qcwic6Danny Tanner raised 3 daughters with the help of his brother and his friends, and the show launched the careers of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and ‘90s heartthrob John Stamos.

A Top 20 name in the U.S, there are over 1.5 million people named Daniel, with the most “Dannys” in Wisconsin; 1985 was the height of its popularity, 4 years before “Full House” began.

Trivia: Another actor, Robert Posey, played Danny Tanner in the unaired pilot of the show before comedian Bob Saget took the role.


Peter Griffin “Family Guy”

280 men in the US have this name

Peter Griffin family guy 19628800 918 683

This “loveable oaf” of a dad is the patriarch of the odd, New England-based Griffin family, voiced by Seth McFarlane.

You’ll find the most people named Peter in New England, too: Vermont.

Trivia: McFarlane based the voice of the brewery employee on a security guard he knew while going to college.


Jim Anderson “Father Knows Best”

767 men in the US have this name

jimThis show originally started on the radio, and then ran on TV for 6 years as an iconic 1950s American family. Jim is the 3rd most popular name in the U.S., with Montana having the most.

Little known fact: Robert Young was part of a “Good Drivers” campaign for youth in 1953, the year before the show started on TV.


Mike Brady “The Brady Bunch”

1806 men in the US have this name


Arguably the most iconic dad of all time.

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  1. Demia Angelone says:

    All of these dads are such household names, even when the show isn’t around anymore. It’s so funny though when you come across people with the names of such a famous character!

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