How to use Current Caller ID to manage business calls


current4bizSmall business owners have long used WhitePages to verify customer contact information or look up business contacts, but perhaps the true gem for business owners is Current Caller ID. If you’re on the road and on the run, every call counts to move your business forward as you build it. But how do you maximize your time, contacts and manage the most important calls?

Beth, a real estate broker who co-owns her own agency, recently downloaded Current Caller ID, and uses it to manage her busy life, juggling work, clients, home and a family of six.

With a quick glance, she can tell if an assessor, inspector or business partner is calling. She can also tell if a new client is calling, since Current accesses the power of WhitePages’ 300 million listings if the number is not in her contact list–or a current one, and prioritize each call along the way.

A top feature for her is the search functionality: She likes that she can choose to search from within her contacts or from WhitePages, all within the app, without having to go to an outside browser to search, (“that takes forever”), especially when she’s on the road: “It literally takes me 2 minutes to find the info I need. Then, I can save it how I want to. It’s like 3 apps in 1”.

Since she’s fielding lots of different phone calls, what’s helpful is “when you have a missed call, you can return the call, and then the name pops up so I know right away who’s been trying to reach me.”

She can easily search and sort her calls and texts, all from her phone, which helps make her more productive. She’s found it helpful to manage and edit frequent callers and most recent callers, while blocking annoyances like telemarketers.

Jack, a top salesman for a manufacturer, uses Current to determine whether a client is calling, or it’s his home office giving him an update on an order. Even if the incoming phone number is not in his contact list, Current will identify it and connect to the company the caller is with, which helps him determine which call to prioritize.

And since Current ID also includes social updates and local info like weather, he can personalize his conversations, asking if the weather will delay a client’s arrival to a meeting, or congratulate them on some news they’ve shared on Facebook. A user’s profile picture will also pop up, jogging a memory of meeting a new contact, helpful in this age of information overload.

What’s your favorite way to use Current?

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