How Many Americans Have [Almost] the Same First & Last Name?

True story—I had this really great history teacher in high school whose name was Michael Michaels. It took us kids a long time to figure that out because we naturally were trained to call him Mr. Michaels. Then came the day that we learned his name had one too many “Michael’s” in it. Okay of course he had a middle name to break things up, but that didn’t change the fact that his first and last names were practically identical.

Because I work at Whitepages, I get to pursue little curiosities such as this one with the help of our Names database. When I looked up Michael Michaels on a whim, I found out that there are 132 people in the U.S. with this name. This got me wondering: Just how many other people in the U.S. have double the fun in the name?

Take a look at the U.S. men and women sporting their last name in their first:

William Williams: For some reason William takes the cake. There are 7,580 people with this name and 653 reside in Florida.

Kelly Kelly: I did my research on possible female names as well, but the numbers are much smaller and never reach the thousands. 318 Americans share this name—most of them are in Florida.

Robert Robertson: A whopping 2,048 people have this name and a little over 200 of them are in the Lone Star State.

Rose Rose: There are 141 women with this ultra-flowery name and the most are in Florida. There’s something in the water in the Sunshine State. They top our list with the most residents sharing double-up names.

– Peter Peterson: There are 518 Americans sporting this first and last name combo, but I’d be willing to bet that most would introduce themselves as Pete Peterson.

Taylor Taylor: Here’s an example of a name that works for men and women. 135 Americans have it and the most are in Texas. The curious part is that Taylor doesn’t have as many obvious nicknames, which leads me to believe that people really are stuck with going by Taylor Taylor.

– Richard Richards: Out of the 473 Richard Richards in America, 46 are in California. Let’s hope they opted for Rick Richards over Rich Richards.

– Philip Phillips: 164 people share this name, and yet again, Florida is the state with the most of them!

– Major Major: This stat goes out to all of the literary fans out there. Joseph Heller’s Catch 22 featured one character whose father made his first, middle and last name, “Major.” Well, according to our records there’s one Major Major in New Jersey, one in Alabama, and one in South Carolina.

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