Harris Poll Breaks Down Reasons Americans Block Calls


WhitePages released a new Consumer Call Blocking study today outlining the top reasons smartphone users block calls and texts. The study was conducted by Harris Poll in December 2013 among 1,001 smartphone users.

Findings from the Consumer Call Blocking study include:

  • 1 in 5 Use Call Blocking – 22% of smartphone owners use mobile apps or built-in call blocking features to avoid unwanted calls.
  • Top Reasons to Block Calls – And the winner goes to…Telemarketers and unknown numbers are the biggest reasons people block calls. Here’s the complete breakdown:
    • Telemarketers (65%)
    • Unknown Numbers (60%)
    • Spammers (44%)
    • Prank Calls (26%)
    • Wrong Number (21%)
    • Avoid changing their phone number (20%)

The Art of Avoidance
20% of adults said they have blocked calls from a former flame, while 22% said they were avoiding a stalker. 8% said they block primarily to avoid awkward conversations or sensitive family matters.

“As mobile phones have overtaken landlines, Americans have had to deal with a lot of unwanted calls going to their cell phone,” said Lori Roth, Director of Mobile Products, WhitePages. “Whether it’s telemarketers or spam, one of the recent phone scams like One Ring, or simply unwanted calls from people you know, these calls can feel particularly invasive on mobile and we’re seeing the need for call blocking, from basic to extreme, continue to steadily increase.”

To learn more read the full press release.

by Michael Bolling

Michael is the mobile marketing manager at WhitePages, in charge of user acquisition, marketing, branding, and product direction across our suite of iOS and Android apps.

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