Happy Birthday Kobe Bryant! (We love your name)


Today we’d like to take a moment to wish Kobe Bryant a very happy birthday. Here at WhitePages, we’re big fans of his talent, but even bigger fans of his name. It’s not every day that you come across someone who shares the same name as the most delectable & prized cut of beef on the planet. …Or is it? We hit names.whitepages.com to find out:

Yes, as it turns out, ‘Kobe’ is not a very common first name… for now. But what about other steak related names? Given how much beef the American population consumes (26.4 billion pounds a year to be exact1) it’s not far fetched to assume more than a few of us have named our kids after our favorite cut.

The most common name is ‘Chuck’, and the least common is ‘Brisket’. Two people with the name ‘Brisket’ might not seem like a lot, but that’s still 4 people out there who decided to name their child ‘Brisket’.

Now, all this beef talk has probably got your tummy rumbling for a juicy porterhouse. Us too. Which is why we used Localicious to do you a little favor by sniffing out of the most popular steakhouses in America:

To learn more about these fantastic establishments, head over to the Localicious blog.

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