Halloween Safety Tips for a Howlin’ Good Time



Halloween is a time for fun and fantasy for many people, children and adults alike. Keeping your children safe doesn’t have to be a scary proposition if you follow some quick tips to keep your little ghouls and goblins “Monster Mash”-ing all night:

Map it. Go over a route in your neighborhood (the WhitePages
app makes this easy) with your trick or treaters so you know
where they’re headed. No shortcuts.

Light it: Turn on your exterior lights if you’re receiving
trick or treaters, and tell your children to only go to
those homes. Trick or treaters should try to make themselves
visible after dark by wearing reflective tape or clothing
and carrying flashlights.

Time it: Set a time limit for trick or treating.

Identify a house on each block (with a neighbor you know and
trust) where your child can go as a “safe haven” if they
feel nervous, or need to check in with you if you’re not
escorting them.

Neighbor up: If you don’t have a Neighborhood Watch, enlist
neighbors or a local civic group to help patrol the
neighborhood and act as crossing guards.

Never go into a stranger’s home.

The more the merrier: Older children may want to go out without
a parent tagging along, but they should go with friends, or an older, trusted
teen or young adult, never alone.

Follow these strategies and take some of the goosebumps out of a night of fang-tastic fun!

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