Grammy’s “Best New Artist” Nominees

grammysFebruary 15th, 2016 is the night we have all been waiting for. Each year, the Grammy’s take over television for over three, very long, hours. People all over the world stop to watch performances, witness celebrities do some crazy things and most importantly, we are #Blessed to see these stars in the most ridiculous outfits imaginable. Not to mention, on this very night, we may even dismiss the fact that Donald Trump is leading the Republican party and instead, focus on topics that truly matter.

On February 15th, the Grammy’s will return to the Staples Center in L.A. With 83 categories across the board, we decided to take a look at the hottest names of a particular group of nominees (and no, I am not referring to someone such as Alicia Keys, who by the way, is a 15-time Grammy Award winner). Interestingly enough, Whitepages data told us there are only 27 people in the US with this EXACT name! Hey…she’s won more than half the amount of Grammy’s in comparison!

These new artists have certainly created a name for themselves and we are giving you a sneak peek at just how popular their names are! Check out what we found using the Whitepages Names Database:

Courtney (Barnett)
300,894 people with this name, the most in CA (20,198). More than 80% of these people are below the age of 30.

James (Bay)
5,038,618, CA with the most (352,121)

Sam (Hunt)
214,657, the most in CA (24,809)

Tori (Kelly)
30,272, the most in Texas (2,552). Though, there are 404,327 people with the name Victoria, which is Kelly’s full first name.

Meghan (Trainor)
106,273 people with this name, with the most in CA (7,322)

Full Names

Courtney Barnett
148 people in the WP names database have this name, the most in Texas (14)

James Bay
135 people have this name within the names database, the most in Missouri and Indiana (15)

Sam Hunt
112 people with this name in the WP database, with the most in CA (14). Though, Georgia, where Hunt was born, is not too far behind with 9 people.

Tori Kelly
There are 31 people within the WP names database that have this name, while there are 345 people with the full name Victoria Kelly.

Meghan Trainor
Just 12 people in the names database with this name, the most in NJ (4)

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