Foster mother & daughter reunited through WhitePages


Mother’s Day is upon us, and in addition to Mom and Grandma, we’d like to tell all the caregivers, role models and mentors we’ve had in our lives over the years—teachers, coaches, camp counselors, babysitters, aunts, nannies, neighbors and friends—thank you.


For raising us, alongside our parents and family members; you’ve touched us in a unique way, and influenced the people we’ve become…thanks.

One such caregiver is a foster mother. Foster parents play an important role in a child’s life, sometimes when the child is most vulnerable. Here’s a story of how one foster mother made an impact and now that child is paying it forward.

Toures Houston was just 12 years old when her mother died and she went into foster care at a group home in New Mexico. Little did she know at the time that she would find a “second mother” there, who had a “soothing way of talking with you” and a loving smile.

Amy was a foster mother, working shifts in a group home of 7 or more foster children. She made each one feel like they were “one on one” with her, and her smile, strength and warmth is what Toures always remembered. At 15, Toures left the home, finished her GED degree, and then graduated from college.

Toures tried to contact her former foster mother from time to time over the years, without success.

She tried looking for Amy on different social networks on and off, with no luck. On a whim, about a month ago, she looked on She found one listing, with one phone number. The listing was of Amy’s parents; Toures didn’t recall Amy mentioning any siblings; she clicked on the listing and saw that Amy was listed as being “associated” with her parents listing.

Taking a leap of faith, Toures called Amy’s parents. She explained who she was, that she had been a resident in a group home where Amy worked, and she wanted to get in touch with Amy. Amy’s father told Toures he would call Amy, and Amy could decide if she wanted to call back.

Finally, 5 hours later, Toures received a voice mail. “It was the longest, sweetest message, and ended with: ‘I don’t care what time it is – call me back!’” said Toures of Amy’s message.

touresToures has followed in her foster mother’s footsteps: She could relate to the challenges teenaged foster children face, and she and her husband adopted their first foster child when she was 16, and are now foster parents to 5 children in all, including a family of four siblings.

Toures says she wasn’t sure how to search for her foster mother: “Women’s information changes a lot” in their lifetimes: marriages, name changes, and moves, so it can make searching for people a difficult task.

We’re glad Toures never gave up her search. The two are planning on reuniting in person.

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5 thoughts on “Foster mother & daughter reunited through WhitePages

  1. Toures says:

    Wow Rebecca!!! You have stated my heart as if written with my own blood so very well done Young Writer of the Year!!!!

    Thanks WhitePages for everything,

    Off to tell OPRAH of this job well done

  2. Tiffany Clark says:

    Toures is a Great Person we met a few years ago and have been connected ever since! I’m happy to hear that she found her Mother!

  3. Ella Spillmon says:

    A Truly Amazing and Wonderful Story!!!

    This is the take that overly expressed itself within me as I read this story on a very beautiful and amazing young lady-Mrs. Toures Denise Houston and a very critical time of her life and another possibly simple yet amazing lady that to me, took the time to express True Love!

    Now let me personalize my intake so you can understand my view. You see, I not only have had the pleasure to share in Toures life but have been blessed to have had her exemplify these very same Beautiful characteristics to some of my very own children, that she too took under her wing as children of her own and as with her very own, she so freely jumped to the opportunity to lavish this same Love on them and at time help me in doing the same!

    I found Pure Wonder to be captured by this writer by unfolding this story to where it exemplifies the positive qualities of truly offering love beyond measure through opening up yourself to extend love and truly give of yourself or something that is beyond yourself with an intent or desire to make a positive impact in one’s life!

    For me. not only was I able to share in a very important piece of the individuals of the story and a critical time I am aware of for Toures, I was without awareness of the so crucial added piece after Toures mother’s death and found that it also can be embraced by those of desired want or intent to some day become a foster parent or possibly already are… (with sheding light to the path of what really makes the most importance and difference), as well as being embraced by those that have also been the foster child/children, and how if none other than just singling out that One individual that truly made a positive impact for them, in that time, in that place, in that given moment, they too can pull out those characteristics and conform to them for the benefit of themselves and so many more in and around their lives! As Toures herself has!!! And to All of us others that just need reminding or encouraging of our acts of engaging with another, child or adult…

    On a personal note, I have to thank the author of this story for taking the time to captivate this truly amazing and wonderful story, and also sincerely express my indepth gratitude to Amy for “her choice” of the role she played in the uprising of this Beautiful and Talented individual, that now too exemplifies your choice of Love not only to the children of her household but to her husband and soooooooo many of us others!

    Thank you and May God Bless You And Continue To Shine His Face and Love Upon You!!!


    When You Feel Like Love Has Failed You, Realize That It Wasn’t True Love…
    Because “Love” Never Fails….!

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