Family Reunion? Whitepages Premium to the Rescue!

A family has a wonderful time together in a nice restaurant.

A family reunion is a chance to connect with seldom-seen family members, meet new ones, and celebrate your heritage. And the good news is you don’t have to do it all: let Whitepages Premium be your virtual assistant and help you to organize and create a memorable event for your loved ones. Follow these tips and your family will be looking forward to the next get-together.

Set a date

Generally, set a date six months to one year in advance when you’re scheduling a family reunion. However, if most of your brood is relatively local, say, an hour or two’s drive away, you might be able to be more spontaneous and opt for a long weekend or summer weekend, when work hours might be more relaxed.

Who’s coming?

Determine who will be invited – first cousins, second cousins, and then everyone under that umbrella. Once you know who you’d like to invite, discover any missing or incomplete contact information by searching for a loved one’s name. You’ll find their current address, phone number, and more.

Use this information to create a family phone tree and enlist a member of each nuclear family to help with outreach to their respective family members. This will help ease the burden on you as you try to plan out the rest of the reunion.

Remember to save the contact information you find in an address book or Rolodex so you have it for the next time you want to plan a get-together, or for when you simply want to call Aunt Linda for a chat. Share the information you’ve collected with other family members so everyone knows how to get in touch with everyone else.

Can’t remember all the names in your extended family? Don’t worry!

Having a really large family sometimes means that it’s difficult to remember who all is associated with whom. That’s okay! If you can’t remember your cousins’ new spouses’ names or your mother-in-law’s parents’ names, let Whitepages Premium find out for you. Enter an address into the reverse address search to see who’s associated with the property–this will tell you who owns it! So even if you can’t remember the right name or how to spell it, Premium is there to help you out. Now you can save a little face when you see your cousin Joe’s new wife (Jennifer!) at the reunion.

Don’t forget to send cards

If your family just can’t get together that often because of schedules or distance, sending cards is a nice way to keep in touch and say hello. Send them for birthdays, holidays, or to say thank you for a gift. Even if you can’t see each other in person, having easy access to your family’s contact information means you’re never really out of touch.

Premium can help you plan and prepare for a big event in so many ways. Letting it do the hard work for you by collecting addresses means you have more time to be excited, not stressed, about the upcoming event.

Did you recently have a great family get-together? Share your memories in the comments section below!

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