Edit Your WhitePages Listing


For a while now, we’ve provided you with the ability to create your own WhitePages listing and choose whether to be contacted by cell phone or email. And to protect your contact info, we give you the option of hiding it and letting WhitePages relay messages to you via email or SMS. And now with our latest release, you can edit your listing any time!

To edit your listing, just search for it, and then look for the “Is this you?” link next to your name. Click the link, login, and you’re ready to edit!

If you don’t have a listing yet, click the Add Your Listing tab on the home page to create one.

There are lots more features coming soon that will give you even more ways to update and control how people find you on WhitePages! Please provide your feedback below. We’d love to hear from you.

by Bill Chapman

3 thoughts on “Edit Your WhitePages Listing

  1. georgia Witt says:

    I want to add my home number to my listing, I don’t have a cell at the moment. But am having trouble editing my listing. Says I am not authorized to edit my listing.

  2. Peter says:

    We signed up with the yellow pages to do a pay per call had in the hard copy of the phone book. Not only did they put us under the wrong heading, they stole my whitepages listing for my company. When I go to edit my listing, I get re-directed to yext.com and they want to charge me to change it. Do I need to call consumer protection on the white pages and the yellow pages or can someone tell me how to fix it?

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