Edit your WhitePages info from your iPhone

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WhitePages for iPhone just got a lot better – you can now create an account and manage your listing right from the app.

Just hit the “Account” button at the top of the app to log in or create an account.  From there you can change your name, address, phone numbers, household members and more.

Check out the updated app at the iTunes store.

And don’t forget WhitePages also makes it easy to control or hide your listing on your desktop as well.

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One thought on “Edit your WhitePages info from your iPhone

  1. Jason Davis says:

    411 was a great service several years ago. When the automated service was born, things went down hill. In the beginning it wasn’t that bad. The automated service could be unsuccessful from time to time. If it failed all wasn’t lost because it would connect you to an actual human being who had good sense and could get you the information you needed. That kept the 411 service a useful system, a precise information gathering product with actual value. NOT any more. 411 has become useless, a waste of time actually. I’m fully aware of how extremely annoying this service has become, I shamefully broke down and tried to get help from them. I own a business, a machine broke down, in need of a number to end the situation of turning down money, you know the thing that keeps businesses in business. So I called, listened to the commercial which makes me never want to try their product simply because they choose what has to be the most annoying way to advertise their product or service. I try to remember or write down the names of these companys who advertise on 411, so i will have a pretty good idea of businesses where I can waste good hard earned money if ever get the urge to do so. Most people who use 411 desire a smooth and quick process. To all you clueless companys “STOP WASTING OUR TIME”. Thinking outside the box doesn’t always work, just advertise like a normal place of business. Back to my time sensitive attempt to retrieve a money saving phone number. It instantly turned into a nightmare. I clearly said Fallston North Carolina over and over. The weird voice in its failed attempt to sound inanimate said “got it Boston North Carolina”. We went back and forth and back forth with this for a couple minutes, realizing the people who wrote this program and lets don’t forget the ones who try to keep it updated, had over looked huge, but very simple aspect of communication. I mean come on folks even dogs catch onto repition and react to it in their on way. Hey here is a tip for the “Developers Corner”. All you ingenious WhitePages developers who are leaders and innovators in the technology field, and who have so much to share. Develop a programm that recognizes mistakes similar to the one I encounter today. If the automated service thinks there is a Boston in North Carolina or if says something like Los Angeles New york got it, then obviously something is wrong. If a caller repeats their self over and over, again something is wrong. If these problems continue to exist, guess what, you got it something is wrong. Connecting all the right cities with all the right states. The automated services has been in use for along time now and the fact you developers havn’t done that already proves that you all truly have earned your spots among the best leaders and innovators in the technology field. My Father use to say “you know that your living in a crazy world when its the idiots who make most money”. P.S. Dear administrator of WhitePages use your AUTHORITY to remove this post. Too bad this will be the only one you will be able to remove. Well its that time, need to copy this rant and paste,paste,paste,paste. FTWP 411 if you didn’t know now you know.
    Oh yeah, to you innovating, over achieving leaders who are among the elite world changing developers, be very glad I’m not your BOSS.

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