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Want to be reached on your terms?  We just launched a new feature that takes user control to a whole new level.  You now have full control over how to be contacted and what identifying information we list for you.  Start with your name – perhaps you go by a nickname or your middle name.  Or you just want to be listed with your first initial.  Then choose your preferred contact method: address, home phone, work phone, cell phone, text message, or email (the last two are masked, so users never see your email address or cell phone number).  Finally, decide what identifying information you want to include so that people can be sure they are contacting the right person: household members, job title, company, or age.  All of these are fully editable so that you can customize your listing just the way you like it.  And if all of that isn’t cool enough to convince you, take this story as some inspiration…

Last summer, I found a Prada purse while walking to work.  Inside, I found an ID with a name and address and then naturally looked the woman up on WhitePages.  She had a home address listing but no way for me to get in touch with her immediately.  Had she edited her listing prior to that incident, I could have called her cell, sent her a text message, or sent her an email to let her know I found her purse.  Instead, it took days for her to be reunited with her belongings, which included a flash drive with her final paper for school on it!

To use this feature, you can either:

  1. Edit an existing listing by searching for yourself and clicking the “Is this you? Edit” link next to your name, or…
  2. Add a new one by clicking the “Add Your Listing” tab on the homepage.

From there just create a login and fill out the form.  Please feel free to post your comments, questions, or concerns.  I will be listening!

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5 thoughts on “Edit and Control Your Listing

  1. Laura Perry says:

    I just found a long lost friend using your website. She has responded to me and I and others are so pleased. She did ask me how we found her since she has neither cell phone, computer, etc. I don’t know. Will you tell me? I might have guessed from the census, but since she has been at the address for 35 years, that census info is not available yet, right? She was not distressed, just curious. Thanks, Laura Perry

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  3. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Dan — it’s Bret from the WhitePages mobile team. Thanks for the comments and glad you like the WP mobile app! That’s an excellent suggestion to include URL In our mobile business listings. We plan to do this in an upcoming release, and will also look at storing the URL in the contact on the phone. Great idea and a great way to take advantage of the mobile add to contact feature. Thanks again for the feedback!

  4. Amanda Bishop says:

    Hi Laura. I’m glad to hear that you and your friend were able to reconnect using WhitePages.com. We get our listing information from a broad variety of publicly available information sources, third party data suppliers and directly from WhitePages members. For a detailed description of our data sources, as well as instructions to edit or remove a listing on WhitePages, visit http://www.whitepages.com/help – happy holidays!

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