Do You Know Your Neighbors?




Neighbors–they keep your extra key and water your plants when you’re on vacation. But do you really know them? 

With the new “Neighbors” movie opening, we ask: Are your neighbors more like Seth Rogen and Zac Efron…or are they more like some of these other well-known neighbors?

Is Cosmo Kramer the only neighbor who would wash his salad in the shower?

Fred and Ethel Mertz
Not only were they Lucy and Ricky’s best friends, but they were their landlords, too.

Ed Norton
Ralph Kramden’s upstairs neighbor was an NYC sewer worker, whose middle name was “Lillywhite”. Entertainment Weekly called him “one of the greatest sidekicks”.
Ed Norton

The Jeffersons
George Jefferson was a real thorn in Archie Bunker’s side, but the show was popular, running 11 seasons, one of the longest running sitcoms in TV history.
The Jeffersons Sanford Hemsley Evans 1974
The Rubbles
Father to Bamm-Bamm, Barney Rubble was Fred Flinstone’s best friend, worked in the same quarry, and also was a member of the Fraternal Order of Water Buffaloes.
The Rubbles the flintstones 1863339 500 435

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