Do You Have a Super Bowl Name?

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This is it! The Road to 50. Super Bowl Sunday. Cheese Dip Funday. Or, as some would call it, the greatest day in football. On February 7, Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium, will welcome the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers to battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy. In addition to the 30,000+ lbs of players, the doors will also open to over 70,000 fans (even the band wagoners) and most importantly, the “highlight” of the entire event: the entertainment!

As this monumental day in football approaches, have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk in the shoes of Peyton Manning or Cam Newton? Well, that might be too much pressure for us ordinary fans on game day. However, there are people that do share the same names as these athletes. How many? Well that’s what we wanted to find out. While the Seahawks didn’t make the cut this year, Team Whitepages still wanted to get our heads in the game. We examined some crucial names data – I’m talking top secret, game day playbook style data. Let’s see who’s on the map for the Road to 50:

Carolina Panthers:

Cam (or Cameron) Newton: 34 people (5 of whom are in North Carolina!)

Ted Ginn: 8 people

Josh Norman: 53 people

Greg Olsen: 79 people

Denver Broncos:

Peyton Manning: 7 people (only one in Colorado – I wonder who that is…)

Von Miller: 24 people

Demarcus Ware: 15 people

Demaryius Thomas: There’s only one!

Good luck to all of our Peyton Manning’s and Cam Newton’s this weekend – particularly to those on the field! For those of us who will be chowing down on nachos, keep on keepin’ on.

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