Do you have a dog’s name?


What name would you choose for your dog? This question has troubled almost all of us who have ever decided to get a puppy. Do you go with something cutesy like Fluffykins or something classic like George? Since today is National Dog Day, we’ve decided to do you a favor by compiling an inspiring list of dog names.
VIP Pet Insurance announced the list of the most common dog names of 2010 based on the dogs they insured. According to their list, the 10 most common dog names are:

We got the names but now there is the question of how many of these are most popular also as human names (like Bella in Twilight?) The similarity between the names we choose for dogs and humans is quite surprising. Take a look at the number of humans that share common names with some of our four-legged furry friends.

Now let’s check out some celebrity dog names. Celebrities tend to have a flair for the unique, especially when it comes to names, and anyway, haven’t you ever wondered about the name of Paris Hilton’s old dog? Well, now you can satisfy your curiosity. Below are some celebrity dog names:

Apart from all these names, there are some that don’t appear on these lists but are unforgettable all the same. For example, how many of you can forget “Lassie”? Do you still remember the famous dog stars below?

Now that you’ve got some great dog names in mind, you may want to check out the pet friendliest cities in America before running off to the pound.  Using Localicious information, we’ve compiled a list of US cities with the most pet services per capita:

With that, we leave you with this – “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” – Bob Barker.

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3 thoughts on “Do you have a dog’s name?

  1. Jake says:

    When my husband and I got our first puppy, I remember we are so excited finding names to our puppy and we search throughout the internet what will it be. Two days passes we got the name “bomber”. He is strong and very playful. :D

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