WhitePages Current Caller ID is now the ultimate app for mobile communication

current44 v2

Today I am excited to announce the newest release of WhitePages Current Caller ID in the Google Play Store. WhitePages Current Caller ID provides rich call and text ID with real-time social status updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as local information about a caller’s location. The newest version of WhitePages Current adds a smart contacts tab that updates in real-time with names, addresses and more information about a user’s contacts, including newly identified calls and texts.

WhitePages Current solves a real problem for people who don’t take time to manage or save new contacts to their phonebook. For example, you receive a phone call from someone not in your address book. You answer the call with some hesitation because you don’t know who the call is from, but are happy to find out it’s an old friend. The next week, when you want to call or text her again, you don’t know which number to choose from your call log because you forgot to save it to your contacts.

That is where WhitePages Current comes in. Not only is the call immediately identified before you answer, the smart contacts tab in the app updates in real-time with the caller’s name and address. If you want to call your friend again, just search your Current contacts tab and there she is – like magic.

current44 v2

The newest version of WhitePages Current also has an expanded contact search so you can find everyone’s contact info easily with a single search across your networks and WhitePages. You can search contacts to find people from your phonebook and from identified calls and texts. If a telephone number for a contact is not found, you can view social contact profiles from Facebook and LinkedIn to obtain contact information or send a message. You can also find contact info for people and businesses outside your network, by searching WhitePages directory of over 200 million people and business.

WhitePages Current makes it easy to be a better communicator. Since launching in 2012, Current has helped users with more 16 billion calls and texts.

Please download the newest version of WhitePages Current Caller ID from the Google Play Store today, and let me know how you like it.

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