Why You Should Control Your Digital Identity

For better or worse, your digital identity—your email accounts, social media profiles, contact information and other considerations—is tied to the real you, the actual person whose name is connected to those aspects of life online. The important thing to remember is that, in many cases, you can control the information that’s associated with your name on the Internet. While many are eager to update their Facebook, LinkedIn and other similar profiles, a lot of people don’t realize they can control and edit their publicly available contact information, too.

Whitepages.com allows you to update your address information so that all aspects of your digital identity are correct and current.

If you’re wondering why you need to update your address and contact information, then here are just a couple scenarios where keeping your contact info up to date will pay off:

Situation No. 1: The never-ending wedding preparation

You’re planning a wedding. Maybe it’s your own, maybe it’s your best friend’s special day, but your job is to collect the addresses of all the guests. You’ve managed to successfully complete this task, excepting for those few stragglers who never got back to you with it. The bride and groom need to give their address list to the invitation printers and they can’t get a hold of those remaining few with the limited time available. This situation understandably creates unnecessary stress and requires the bride and groom to go out of their way to ensure those people get invitations. With updated, accurate contact information available online, this never becomes a problem and the bride and groom have one less thing to worry about amid the madness that is planning a wedding.

Situation No. 2: “I couldn’t find your house, so I went back.”

You order a pizza, Thai, or whatever other kind of takeout tickles your fancy, and as usual, the delivery guy is using his smartphone to find your house. The receipt was smeared in the rush to get out the back door, so he’s got a partial address and your name. He calls, but your cellphone is charging upstairs. So he leaves you a message explaining the situation, makes his other deliveries and heads back to the pizza parlor. You listen to that message and sigh with frustration. Imagine how easy it would have been if he was able to search for your home address.

How can you avoid these situations and thousands of similar ones?

Whitepages.com, the trusted source for phone and address information, has a simple, three-step guide for finding and claiming your listing, as well as updating it when needed. When your information is both current and correct, your friends, family and even the pizza delivery guy can find you and get in touch without any of the fuss mentioned above.

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