Congrats to our Run & Hug winners!


Now that the family edition of Run & Hug has ended we’d like to congratulate the winners who fought hard for their place in the top 10!

All top 10 winners have won a 1-year subscription to, a rich family history website and database.

Our winner, Shirley Franklin, has won a family reunion with her mother and grandmother in Cleveland, Ohio and a cash prize of $1000. We hope she has a very happy reunion!

Our two runner-ups, Christina and Susannah, have won cash prizes of $500 and $200 respectively. Congratulations, ladies! And thank you everyone for participating!

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One thought on “Congrats to our Run & Hug winners!

  1. me says:

    BOOO! i just “love” how companies award cheaters and don’t care. I’m going to let everyone know on all the blogs I visit and more about it.

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