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According to Pew Internet Research, 68 percent of mobile phone users receive unwanted sales and marketing calls with one-quarter saying they encounter this problem at least a few times a week or more frequently. Clearly, call and text spam is a pervasive and growing problem in the United States.

Scam, spam and fraudulent calls and texts are sent from a rapidly changing pool of phone numbers, with new ones showing up every minute due to phone spoofing and other tactics that make suspicious activity difficult to identify. In addition to using mobile apps like Whitepages Caller ID, we suggest the following tips to “can the spam”:

· Hang up immediately. If you get a call from a government agency asking for a payment, hang up. No one from a federal government agency will call you randomly looking for a payment, even the IRS. The same goes for a call from someone saying you’ve won a sweepstakes; odds are you did not, and if you did, they can send you something in writing.

· Don’t call a suspicious number back. In the case of the “One Ring Scam”, the number looks similar to a number from the United States, but in fact is from the Caribbean and is not legitimate.  These scammers use phone numbers that issue additional charges to the bill of the incoming caller – most of the time consumers are unaware of the charges and they can add up very quickly.

· Never provide credit card information or any specific personal identification, like a social security number, to a caller that you do not know personally, even if you are familiar with the business they say they are from. Recent scams include calls that spoof energy companies and Microsoft technical support, for example.

· Do not pay money up front if you have been contacted about winning a contest or being accepted for a new insurance policy. For legitimate offers, an upfront payment is generally not required.

· Report suspicious numbers to help others avoid threats. Whitepages offers consumers the ability to report spam phone numbers through its Caller ID app as well as at



We’ve got exciting news about our Android app Whitepages Current Caller ID. Say hello to our latest feature, Spam Score.

Here’s how it works. When an incoming call is suspected spam, users will be notified immediately. Then when they open the app, they will see important tidbits like the spam level based on a score of 0-10, the amount of spam reports made on the number in the last 90 days, and comments written by other Whitepages users. In addition to that, we’re also empowering Whitepages Caller ID users to warn other members of the community by leaving their own spam reports on numbers that turn out to be scammers or fraudsters. It’s an easy-to-use system that helps build a community of people who care about personal privacy and want to do a good deed in the process.

current_spam_screen (2)

At Whitepages, we worked hard to develop the most advanced spam identification system in the market. Whitepages Caller ID offers real-time analysis on billions of calls, texts and phone lookups from all of Whitepages’ 50 million users. Along with Spam Score, Whitepages Caller ID also blocks unwanted numbers from calling your Android. It’s just another way that Whitepages helps you maintain your privacy.

And in today’s world, features that put privacy back in the hands of users are more important than ever. Recent data from Whitepages Caller ID shows that approximately one out of three unknown calls are a suspected spammer. Whether that’s a marketing or sales call, or something more pervasive like the scams that emerged earlier this year, such as “One Ring,” “Grandparent’s Scam,” and the most recent “IRS Phone Scam.” By offering another layer of information on incoming calls, Whitepages Caller ID protects users and lets them know about potential spam before they take the call—and that’s something we feel pretty good about.

Check out the latest release of Whitepages Caller ID in the Google Play Store and read more about it in PandoDaily.


Thinking of getting Amazon’s new Fire phone? We’ve custom built our award-winning apps for optimum performance with the Fire phone’s unique capabilities.

The new Fire phone makes it easier than ever for users to communicate using the suite of WhitePages apps for everything from rich contact and caller ID data to the ability to block unwanted calls and texts. All of our apps now provide one touch access to frequently used features, from the people and businesses you call most to the calls and texts that you’ve recently blocked.

Amazon Fire phone has WhitePages CurrentID

 Features of the apps for Amazon’s Fire phone include:

  • WhitePages - With the WhitePages app you can take advantage of Amazon’s Firefly feature to call or send a text to a phone number and conduct a WhitePages search to identify rich contact data, which can be added to your address book with one touch. In addition, you can search for contact information for people and businesses, view menus or store hours, and get maps and driving directions.
  • WhitePages Current - WhitePages Current provides rich call and text ID with real-time streaming social status updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as local information pertinent to the caller. The app incorporates a smart address book that updates in real-time with names, addresses and more information about all of a user’s contacts, including newly identified calls and texts. In addition, you can block unwanted calls and texts with alerts that warn against potential scams.
  • Mr. Number The popular call blocking and spam identification app lets users easily block or report unwanted calls and texts, including those from telemarketers and spammers. The associated widget allows you to see your most recent blocked calls and texts with one touch.
We think you’re going to love the experience. You can find all of the apps in the Amazon Appstore.

Today, I am excited to introduce the new WhitePages mobile site! The new site, which is live and available on your phone, has a new easy-to-use design for touch screen phones and many usability improvements that take advantage of today’s smart phone capabilities.  Try it out today by visiting on your phone’s browser.

New screen

Old screen

With all of the attention the growth of our Top 10 iPhone and Android apps have recieved, many of you may not know that WhitePages has a top 50 mobile website according to Comscore.  A large percentage of our mobile web users surprisingly have smart phones.  Surprising, considering that the industry would have us believe that everyone has moved on to apps, as Kevin Nakao mentions in his latest mobile web post on Mashable. We know that at times, it is just as convenient for you to use the mobile web as it is to find and download an app.  That is why our teams have been hard at work to give you options — Mobile Web and Apps.

Below are a few of the improvements.  Not all phones have advanced capabilities to support all features, but here are the highlights for many smart phones including iPhone and Android.

Auto complete to make life a little easier

  • Locate Me:  Press ‘Locate Me’ to quickly populate your current city and state, and to get directions from your local area.
  • Auto complete entry fields: Time saving feature that suggests common searches as you type.
  • User friendly app-like interface: Clean interface with more finger room for touch screen users.
  • Drop down menus: Let’s you navigate quickly between areas of the site.
We’re excited about the new look and feel of the m.whitepages site, and hope you are too! For a more extensive and visual review of the m.whitepages website, head to our YouTube channel and watch our WhitePages mobile website demo. And as we continue to refine and adapt our products to better suit your needs, we’re interested in your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think!

What do pizza, dentists, hotels, florists, and auto parts have in common?  They are among the top searched items out of the millions of searches each month on the free WhitePages app for iPhone.  The app is continuing to gain popularity and has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times. It has remained Top 10 in the Reference category on iTunes for 20 months, and we’re excited to announce that this week the latest version hit the app store.  In addition to the apps great pre-existing features (read here for more information on WhitePages mobile iPhone app features), below is a brief summary of the upgraded features, and why they matter to you:

WhitePages iPhone App Screen

Ease of Use Improvements:

  • More in-app features: With the new version, you can easily return to your search after you browse an ad or access a map.  Previously, when you clicked on a map or an ad, you had to re-launch the app to return to WhitePages.  This is a time-saving upgrade that will feel seamless to you.
  • Larger location icon.  Now the location button is more noticeable and easier to press with your finger.  Having the app determine location is far easier than typing in your city and state time after time.
  • More prominent and larger phone number in the results.  We wanted to visually promote that once you find the person or business you are looking for, you can simply click on the number and call. We feel these design improvements reflect that simplicity.

Advertising Improvements:

  • It’s a fact of life that in the world of free apps, ads are a part of the customer experience.  We implemented location based ad targeting in this release, which is good both for the user and the advertiser because it’s like a match-making service.  If you are looking for coffee shop in a particular city, then seeing an ad for a coffee shop right around the corner is much more of a ‘match’ than seeing an ad that is not important to you. Overall, we wanted the ability deliver ads that are more relevant to you, the user.

I’d love to hear how you like the new features, so please go and upgrade the app, and if you haven’t yet downloaded it, now is a great time.  Also, please let me know what features you would like to see next version.