WhitePages app for iPhone now lets you ID cell phone numbers


Want to send your friends directions to happy hour? No problem.

As part of the WhitePages Mobile Team, I am excited to tell you about the newest release of our   iPhone app which originally launched in August of 2008.  Since then, it has been downloaded over 4,000,000 times and has been in the Top 10 of the App Store Reference category for over 18 months! Our goal is to continuously improve the WhitePages  iPhone app so it becomes indispensible to you, easier to use, and gives you new ways to connect with friends, family, businesses and more.  Our newest version (1.4.1) just hit the App Store – here are the highlights of the new features:

Send / Share: A simple improvement, with many uses.  Now, after you search for a person or business, you can immediately share the listing with a friend. Just select the send/share button on the listing detail page, choose whether you want to send it by text or email, add a quick note, and share.  It’s that simple.  So when you decide to try out that new wine bar, just look up the address and text or email it to your friends telling them what time to join you.

Premium Reverse Search: Cell phone use has exploded and 20% of U.S. households rely on their cell phone as their only phone according to the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industry Association).  So you’ll likely get a call on your iPhone from a cell number you don’t have in your contact list.  With the newest WhitePages for iPhone app, you can find out who the mystery caller is by looking up a cell or other hard to find number with Premium Reverse Search.

The WhitePages app now lets you conduct a premium search to identify cell phone numbers or unpublished listings.

When you do a Reverse Search, if the standard WhitePages result is a cell or unpublished listing, you now have the option of doing a Premium Search.  A Premium Search is a lookup in an additional database for $1.99. With one tap, a search is made, you get the name and the $1.99 is deducted directly from your iTunes account with Apple’s “In App” billing.  If no name is found for that number, you won’t be charged.

Rest assured, everything you could find previously in Reverse Phone is still available for free, including over 200 million home and business listings.   We added the premium search so you have an option to match cell phones and other hard to find numbers that didn’t match previously and usually aren’t available elsewhere.  So now you can find out if it was a salesperson or your college buddy who just called while you were at work and you couldn’t pick up the call.

With this new release, you can also save work listing details to your contact list.  Additionally, behind the scenes performance enhancements were made to make the app purr!

So, please give it a try and let me know how it goes…

50 Cent's New Look


For the official launch of the WhitePages Names product, we took a lighthearted look at some of the names behind the most “followed” celebrities on Twitter.  For example, we found that Jimmy Fallon’s first name (James, a form of Jacob) means “heel grabber” and that while 50 Cent’s real first name, Curtis, can be a nickname for someone who is “courteous”, it is also Middle English for curt “short” and hose “leggings” or “short leggings”.  We also found Al Gore’s full name to be quite intriguing – his  first name means “noble, bright, and famous” and his last name means “a triangular piece of land”.

As you can imagine, the name meanings that we uncovered sparked many internal debates on visual interpretation, a topic I am truly passionate about.  While I focus primarily on graphic design here at WhitePages, I am an illustrator at heart and therefore, jumped at the chance to take the WhitePages Names functionality to another level.  I am pleased to present 50 Cent’s newest fashion statement, just before his new album Before I Self Destruct drops.

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WhitePages Mobile for iPhone v1.3: It's Smarter


As those of you with iPhones may already know, v1.3 of the WhitePages Mobile app is now live in the App Store!

This new version represents a huge step forward for our most popular mobile app – and if past updates are any indication, there will be quite a few of you already trying it out and using the new features.

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Brand Building: Launching the new WhitePages site!


Note: This post is the 7th in a series on Brand Building that highlights the approach that WhitePages has taken over the past 15 months to build and reposition its brand.

The following post was written by Zoe Clelland, who is our Sr. Director, User Experience at WhitePages.  She’s been working her tail off over the last 9 months on the launch of the new site. More details below!

Well, would you look at that: a brand new bouncing baby…website. I have to say that until I took a breather to write this blog I hadn’t had a chance to really reflect on exactly how we took the concept of a new “brand” and translated it into an honest to goodness usable website. And not just a website, but a super kick-ass, downright intuitive experience of a site. As the Sr. Director of User Experience here at WhitePages I’ve had lots of opportunity to learn about our users and translate their needs into products and sites but this was a whole new ballgame.

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(Mobile) Innovation Will End This Global Recession


Right as the worst economic news hit, we presented our mobile plan for funding to the board of Whitepages. While other companies were cutting back, the response from our President/COO Max Bardon was “This is exciting, budget approved…how fast can you make this happen”.

We quickly put our plan into place, hiring internally and signing deals with top mobile developers. All told, there were over 20 people from the U.S., Germany, and India working with us, resulting in a slew of new and innovative mobile offerings:

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