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Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams

Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams

Nicole Kidman and Mike Myers don’t have any reason to get the “Sunday Blues” (realizing the weekend’s been fun, and now there’s a 5-day work week ahead)–they both have beautiful daughters named after the day of the week named for the center of our solar system, so that made us wonder:

How many people in the U.S. are named after the Days of the Week?

Sunday: 4,504 people share this name, actually an Old English nickname for someone born on a Sunday.

Monday: 385 people have this name, a day named after the moon, with the most in Alabama.

Tuesday: This name peaked in popularity in 1971, around the time of actress Tuesday Weld’s heyday, with 2,791 people sharing this name.  Interestingly, she changed her name to Tuesday, after her childhood nickname “Tu-tu”: her little cousin could not pronounce her name “Susan”.

Tuesday Weld

Tuesday Weld

Wednesday: 611 people share the name of the daughter in the Addams Family; this name peaked in popularity in 2010. Trivia alert: the character’s middle name is “Friday”. Bonus trivia question: What’s the name of Wednesday’s doll?


Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams in the 1960s TV show.  Do you know her doll's name?

Lisa Loring as Wednesday Addams in the 1960s TV show

Thursday: This day of the week might be more popular as a day – nearing the weekend – than as a name: Only 80 people have this name.

Friday: This name has roots in literature (“Robinson Crusoe”‘s Man Friday) and is likely more popular in describing a role or quality one seeks – as in a loyal employee – as in the film “His Gal Friday” and even entry level jobs, called “Gal Fridays” or “Guy Fridays”. 543 people share this first name and it’s most popular in Hawaii.

Saturday: Only 33 people share this name, which makes us think that, since some cultures consider Saturday the beginning of the week and some the end, people are a bit ambivalent about “Saturn’s Day” as a name.

The Cheating-est Guy’s Names

Man phone cheat

Does the name make the man? Can you tell if he’s a cheater or not?

A recent U.K. study suggested that men named Wayne may be the most likely to cheat in a relationship, but there are more Scotts hanging around, and possibly hang-dogging.

Others on the unlucky-in-love list are Mark and Matthew, #2 and #3. Liam, always a popular name across the pond, is now the second most popular boy’s name in the U.S., and rounds out our list of those most likely to cheat.

While we don’t recommend breaking up with your significant other just because their name falls on this list, it is an interesting tidbit for couples. Even if you aren’t a cheater, if there are some other “Craigs” and “Lees” that are, you might be affected by some of the fallout. 

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: Ryan might be lyin’.

The Unlucky 13: Top Names Most Associated with Cheating

  1. Scott: 1,911,897 names in the U.S.
  2. Mark: 1,846,210 names in the U.S
  3. Matthew: 1,324,750 names in the U.S.
  4. Lee: 911, 576 names in the U.S.
  5. Ryan: 805,486 names in the U.S.
  6. Nicholas: 636,696 names in the U.S.
  7. Steve: 607,658 names in the U.S.
  8. Wayne: 484,941 names in the U.S.
  9. Craig: 429,684 names in the U.S.
  10. Harry: 333,442 names in the U.S.
  11. Dean: 236,369 names in the U.S.
  12. Ashley: 9,004 names in the U.S.
  13. Liam: 8,056 names in the U.S.




Neighbors–they keep your extra key and water your plants when you’re on vacation. But do you really know them? 

With the new “Neighbors” movie opening, we ask: Are your neighbors more like Seth Rogen and Zac Efron…or are they more like some of these other well-known neighbors?

Is Cosmo Kramer the only neighbor who would wash his salad in the shower?

Fred and Ethel Mertz
Not only were they Lucy and Ricky’s best friends, but they were their landlords, too.

Ed Norton
Ralph Kramden’s upstairs neighbor was an NYC sewer worker, whose middle name was “Lillywhite”. Entertainment Weekly called him “one of the greatest sidekicks”.
Ed Norton

The Jeffersons
George Jefferson was a real thorn in Archie Bunker’s side, but the show was popular, running 11 seasons, one of the longest running sitcoms in TV history.
The Jeffersons Sanford Hemsley Evans 1974
The Rubbles
Father to Bamm-Bamm, Barney Rubble was Fred Flinstone’s best friend, worked in the same quarry, and also was a member of the Fraternal Order of Water Buffaloes.
The Rubbles the flintstones 1863339 500 435

As yet another holiday season rolls around the corner, WhitePages peered into the holiday habits of Americans by analyzing the billions of WhitePages searches that happen over the holidays.

Findings show that the need for companionship may weigh heavy on the hearts of many Americans during the holiday season, with searches for both dating services and pets showing dramatic spikes that rival the surge in address searches for the sending of cards and packages each holiday season.

All I Want for Christmas is a Companion


With no one to kiss under the mistletoe or when the clock strikes midnight, the holidays can make single guys and gals everywhere long for companionship. Searches for dating services see an increase of 256% leading up to the holidays. In addition, many people look to friends of the furry variety during the holidays with searches for pet stores more than doubling in the weeks between Thanksgiving and December 31st.

Wild Turkey


While New Year’s Eve is thought of as the most raucous of the holidays, people may be just as inclined to stock up on beer, wine and spirits in preparation for the big family Thanksgiving meal. Searches for liquor stores spike more than 614% in the days before Thanksgiving, compared with 303% at Christmas and 398% on New Year’s Eve.

Order Up


Despite the myth that Chinese restaurants see heavy traffic over Christmas, searches for Chinese food are actually the highest between Christmas and New Year’s, when people are tired of cooking and can’t stomach another cheese plate. Searches for Chinese restaurants are highest on December 28th, at over 225% more than the week before Christmas.

The Last Minute Rush


People wait a lot later than you’d think to get to the Post Office. While searches for local post offices increase steadily in the weeks leading up to Christmas, they spike, by more than 210%, in the three days immediately before the holiday.

WhitePages’ Website and mobile apps also see an increase in consumers looking up addresses for friends and family during the final weeks of December, peaking with a 217% increase on Dec. 18th. The WhitePages directory is the definitive resource for consumers to confirm mailing addresses on the Web and on the go.

Those looking to avoid a stampede should steer clear of the mall as well. Queries for Nordstrom, Macy’s, Best Buy and Target all more than doubled two days before Christmas.

Drama with your Mama


Every family has their own drama, which tends to amplify during the togetherness of the holidays, and it may be enough to make some people sue-happy. Whether it’s contesting the family will, suing a relative or filing for divorce, searches for attorneys spike at the end of year, perhaps in an effort to finalize legal actions before the New Year.

Battling the Holiday Bulge


It’s no surprise that searches for gyms go up around the New Year but it appears people stretch their gluttony past the first day on the new calendar. Searches for gym memberships actually peak on January 10th, when they’re more than three times as high as they were two weeks prior. By the end of January, gym searches normalize, hinting that Americans moved on from their resolutions.

Operation Santa Claus

Rebecca Carroll —  November 12, 2013 — Leave a comment

santaThe holiday season’s not yet in full swing, but Santa Letter Week is here, the second week in November. It’s a great way to practice the art of letter writing while getting some great ideas about what the little ones in your life might want for gifts.

Yes, the Thanksgiving turkey hasn’t even been cooked and carved yet, and “Frosty the Snowman” hasn’t even been on TV for the first time this year. Many people get into the holiday spirit by taking part in Operation Santa Claus, which has been operating officially for over 100 years.

Schools, charities, civic groups and individuals may contact their local post office in early December through December 24th via the USPS website or calling 1-800-275-8777 and ask if your post office is participating in Operation Santa Claus. Groups must make an appointment to review the letters, and present a letter of introduction on letterhead; individuals do not need to make an appointment. Both groups and individuals must present a valid ID.

Typically, these letters are written by very needy children to Santa, and often the children ask for much-needed supplies for their families like diapers, “a blanket for my baby brother” or formula, as much as a toy or game for their siblings or themselves.

The letters are coded; once you’ve selected your letter(s) and shopped, wrap and return the packages ready for mailing and the package will be coded to the letter. You, as one of Santa’s “elves,” are responsible for postage.

You may be aware of other ways to give in your community,from food banks to soup kitchens to “giving trees” at local places of worship. Everyone can play “Santa” in their own way–what’s yours?