Major Updates to WhitePages Top-10-Ranked Android App

WhitePages Android app featured in national "Droid Does Apps" campaign

WhitePages Android app featured in national "Droid Does Apps" campaign

The WhitePages Android app has been a hit – and we’re thrilled that it’s been a Top 10 App in the reference section, especially coming on the heels of news that the Android may even be outselling the iPhone. Not to brag, but we’re proud to have helped identify over 100 million calls to date with our innovative Caller ID feature (available exclusively on Android smartphones) and were even recently featured in Verizon’s nationwide “Droid Does Apps” campaign.

That said, there’s always room for improvement. We have been busy working behind the scenes to shine and polish the new WhitePages and WhitePages with Caller ID Android apps, and while there are too many updates to list them all, here are some of the highlights we’re most excited about:

Search results are ranked by proximity and popularity, and easily saved to your contact list.

-        Business Search:   Finding nearby businesses is now quicker and easier than ever.  Select from a list of popular searches with just a few taps, see your search results ranked with distance from your current location, and see more detailed descriptions for popular businesses.

-        Add to Contacts: A new and improved interface makes it simply to view and modify listing information before saving it to your phone contact list.

-        Call ID: Choose how and where to display a Call ID window during incoming calls.  Customize your Call ID to work with almost any Android phone.

-        Offline access: Use the Recent Results button to see your most recent searches – even if you’re in an elevator or tunnel.   Never be without the numbers you need!

-        Sharing: Send listings to your friends with easy sharing by email or text.

-        More Devices: We’ve made updates to make the app work even better on the many Android devices available like the Droid, Droid Eris, Nexus One, Incredible, CLIQ and Hero as well the original G1 and MyTouch phones.

New icons!

Most importantly (OK not really) – we now have snazzy new icons!
We think V3.2 of the WhitePages Android app is a big step forward, and hope you do, too!

Feel free to share with us how it works for you as well as ideas for continued improvements.   Send a link to your Android phone to download the new app.

Announcing: TechTalks at WhitePages


Over the past few years, WhitePages has led innovation in many areas of the product development cycle including testing, engineering and marketing.  Some examples include agile product design, viral product design, rebranding, lean startup techniques, multivariate and AB testing, multi-platform mobile development and more.

We’ve benefited greatly from industry leaders and experts we’ve hired from places like Amazon, Expedia, Big Fish Games, Real Networks, LinkedIn, Nuance and Pivotal Lab  – and we regularly hold talks internally to share the knowledge across our teams. We also host talks, inviting groups like the Product Consortium Group and the Ruby on Rails group.

Now, we’re excited to be opening these talks up to everyone:  TechTalks @WhitePages

These talks will be a great place to meet peers in the industry, talk about ideas and participate in relevant learning…and have a beer or two on us after work.

Please join us on Monday, May 17th at 6pm for a presentation by social media experts Neil Patel and Adam Loving called “Twitter Seem Pointless? Learn How To Do It Right”.

Date:  May 17th at 6pm

Location:  WhitePages headquarters, 1301 Fifth Ave, floor 12

Head here to RSVP, or DM/@ us on Twitter: @WhitePages or @jheitzeb .

About Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is the co-founder of 2 Internet companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.  Through these 2 companies he has helped large corporations such as AOL, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard and Viacom make more money from the web. By the age of 21 not only was Neil named a top 100 blogger by Technorati, but he was also one of the top influencers on the web according to the Wall Street Journal. @NeilPatel

About Adam Loving:

Adam is a software developer and entrepreneur with a keen interest in social media. He has been a computer hacker since the 1980s, cited in Lotus Magazine in his early teens. Adam’s passion for viral user experience design led him to create Twibes, a popular Twitter application.  Adam was featured in Microsoft’s “A Startup A Week” documentary series, where he built a Facebook app to help Room to Read raise money for a computer lab in Cambodia. Adam is also the inventor of the Zuckerbuck (one of the first virtual currencies on Facebook). His Facebook app “Dumb Americans” won an overnight coding contest at the CommunityNext conference in San Jose. @Twibes / @AdamLoving

p.s.  If you have ideas or suggestions for topics you want to learn more about, or industry leaders you want to hear from, let us know. Stay tuned for upcoming Tech Talks @WhitePages on topics like…

  • SEO & SEM
  • LeadGen
  • Lean startup
  • CrowdSourcing
  • SOLR/Hadoop
  • Product design
  • And tons more…

Help Us Help You! Use a Modern Browser


As a Development Manager here at WhitePages, we are blazing new trails with today’s technology.

Today’s web browsers make it possible for our visitors to search, find and connect with friends, family and businesses in an interface that is not only easy to use but refreshing to look at. I encourage all all of our developers to design all of our products with the full intention of providing the most intuitive user experience possible. The sad truth is that not all browsers offer the ability to provide the best user experience. The pains of supporting IE6, already outdated by both IE7 and IE8,  has already gotten to the point where we have had to hold back on innovation and features that will make your browsing experience even better than it is now. At least one developer has already had to spend  more than a couple of days implementing a new layout and design, that using up-to-date browsers would have been completed in less than an hour. The workarounds necessary to present a readable, effective interface are constant hurdles.

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Brand Building: Managing the Development Process


Note: This post is the 11th in a series on Brand Building that highlights the approach that WhitePages has taken over the past 15 months to build and reposition its brand.

The following post was written by Ben Maldonado who is one of a number of rockstar web developers at WhitePages.  Ben has worked with individuals across the company to help bring the new WhitePages brand, and site, to life.  He’s also been doing a ton of dancing.

When I was first approached to become part of the brand team I was very excited. As part of our brand identity changes, we would be doing a major overhaul of the site’s look and feel.  It seemed like an appropriate time to also review our current code-base since it was starting to show its age.

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Brand Building: Parallels Between Agile and Branding


Note: This post is the 10th in a series on Brand Building that highlights the approach that WhitePages has taken over the past 15 months to build and reposition its brand.

The following post was written by Joe Heitzeberg who is our VP of Tech at WhitePages. He is charged with delivering the services and offerings that power the WhitePages experience, running a scaleable and efficient infrastructure and building and maintaining a top-notch tech team.

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