From the Rockies to the Willamette, DealPop Arrives in Denver and Portland


Another big day has arrived here at DealPop, the social buying service of WhitePages. We’re very happy that two great, west of the of the Mississipi cities have welcomed us: Portland and Denver!

First up is our neighbor to the south, Portland, Oregon:

It’s a pretty obvious choice for us here in Sunny Seattle to open up a market in Portland. Many of us at the office hop on the Amtrak for a weekend get-away in Stumptown—I even lived there for a short period. From the oh-so-delicious coffee to the masses of food carts to some of the best indie rock bands in the Pacific Northwest—Portland is an amazing town.

I recall once reading that the founders of Portland, Oregon were from Boston (Asa Lovejoy) and Portland, Maine (Francis Pettygrove) and had flipped a coin to decide which name to bestow upon the town on the Willamette. Pettygrove won with two out of three tosses and the penny is on display at the headquarters of the Oregon Historical Society, but DealPop didn’t need to flip a coin before asking if we could become part of the Rose City.

Next up is the hub of Denver, Colorado:

Perfectly situated between the Pacific Coast and the Great Plains, the mile-high city offers everything directly under the sun. The day and night life in Denver is vibrant, to say the least. I, personally, am a big fan of being able to order up some tamales at 2 am.

There are so many amazing things about Denver, I’m hard pressed to edit this post down: amazing Southwest cuisine, micro-brews, great outdoor adventuring, and the Broncos—it’s an explosion of possibilities and we’re really excited to arrive in Denver and discover even more incredible things to do, see and eat!

Get ready for even more great American cities for DealPop to become a part of in the coming months. In the meanwhile, spread the word and tell us, have you ever been to Portland or Denver? What’d you love?

Value Is Much More Than A Good Deal: How WhitePages is Bringing you DealPop

WhitePages is proud to announce DealPop, your local source for insider information on the best places to eat, drink and play - right in your neighborhood!

WhitePages is proud to announce DealPop, your source for insider information on the best places to eat, drink and play - right in your neighborhood!

Value Is Much More Than A Good Deal

Today the Seattle Times announced our new service DealPop, which will soon offer great deals at the best places to eat, drink, and have fun — right in your neighborhood.

Sure we are going to offer incredible discounts, but we are also focused on providing a great customer experience and selecting great places for you to enjoy and discover.

We built DealPop as a service and not just a transaction.  Our project is centered and driven on a set of guiding principles that reflect the following core values of  WhitePages:

Connect with Confidence

We are on a mission to help consumers connect with confidence.  Millions of consumers trust WhitePages as the leading web and mobile service for finding both people and businesses.  Searches on our site allow us to see both the most popular and up and coming merchants.  From these findings, our DealPop team, including full-time sales reps that are a part of the local community, select a target list of businesses to provide the best offers for a location.

As a company that is hyper-focused on providing the best experience, we also want to make sure the consumers redeem the deals they purchase.  For those that opt-in to our email list, we will send a reminder.

We also want to make sure the merchant is prepared before a consumer walks into their shop, so our head of sales Cindy Hewitt has put together a comprehensive training and support program to help the merchants provide the best in-store experience.

We’re Entrepreneurial

What first began as a conversation several months ago with our CEO/Founder Alex Algard, Board Director Will Griffith, colleagues Joe Heitzeberg and Jason Milstead is now a new and fully staffed service.  Our board and leadership team funds ideas and then we empower our sprint teams as self-run start-ups to move quickly.  Eliminating the need for executive review allows the team to focus all resources on the quality of service.

Work With The Best People

The DealPop team puts their heads together.

In order to empower a team, you have to hire the right people.   We selected experienced A-team players that know how to create mainstream consumer services and have a deep understanding of both online and local.    The launch team, some of them featured in the picture, (and in order of when they joined the project) includes Troy Morris, Julie Pitt, Elizabeth Rogers, Cindy Hewitt, Travis Pearl, Bobby Cox, Rebecca Carroll, Aaron Oak,  Thaddeus Gunn, Melissa Bower, Roger Rignack, Drew Hackleman.  We have a lot of fun teasing each other and finding humor in every situation.  Julie has a laugh all of downtown Seattle can hear,  while Troy is determined to create a promotion that involves him wearing a Gorilla suit .   If you don’t have a team that enjoys working together, you can’t build something fun for consumers.

Our fantastic marketing maven Liz Powell is already building a great media buzz, following on the footsteps of the recent press she secured for WhitePages in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.   Just check out the Twitter and Foursquare stream of Marie Langhout and you can see she has been to almost every bar, salon, and restaurant in Seattle .  Marie is  building a great presence for us on Twitter and Facebook even before we officially launch.

Finally, Susan Fincher from our HR department stepped in to help with recruiting and developing interviewing process to make sure we continue to hire the best people as we roll out to more markets.

One Mission, One Team:

In addition to a great DealPop team, we have leveraged the talent and resources of WhitePages to launch DealPop.  Our finance head Suki Hayre and legal counsel Jolene Marshall helped us navigate through a lot of details to make payment simple and easy for consumers and merchants.

This was not a secret project at WhitePages, we had several open “brown bags” and reviews to get  feedback and input from our colleagues.  Every sprint team and business unit helped with ideas, advice, and work – and all the critical components needed to provide the best merchant and consumer experience.

We will also leverage the +20m consumer reach of WhitePages and serve new customers because DealPop is built on the same principles we work by at WhitePages to provide consumers and merchants with more than just a good deal.

Interested in learning more? Head to our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. And don’t forget to sign up at!

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