Caller ID v3.4 is here: Stop call spam, keep contacts up to date


The WhitePages Caller ID app has been one of the leading Android apps since its initial release in 2008. With over 1 million caller IDs every day, hundreds of thousands of users and top charting positions in the Google and Amazon Android marketplaces, it’s been a resounding success.

Today we are releasing V3.4 of the WhitePages Caller ID app, which successfully identifies even more incoming calls, as well as making it easier to keep your contacts up to date. You can download it now here.

We’ve found a couple of key uses for Caller ID. One is to screen out Telemarketers and undesired calls. Caller ID 3.4 does an even better job of that by searching a database of the most frequently reported solicitors to catch more “call spam”.

Another important use is identifying welcome callers – friends, associates and business prospects – that may not be stored in your phone contacts. For these calls, we’ve added a new post-call option to update your phone contacts with WhitePages data. With just one tap, you can save full listing information including street address, company, job title and household members.

We’ve also updated our pricing options. The free WhitePages app still comes with a seven day trial of Premium Caller ID, which searches the broadest collection of data possible including cell phones and other hard to find listings. After seven days, you can upgrade to Premium Caller ID for $6.99 for 6 months of service. If you only need to ID calls once in a while, we’ve added a one-time lookup option for $1.99, so you can keep the free version of the Caller ID app and only lookup premium numbers when you need to.

With official records from verified sources – telephone companies, businesses, and people who update their verified listings on WhitePages – we have the most authoritative and complete collection of caller information anywhere. There are some similar apps that require users to upload their phone address books in exchange for getting access to caller ID. This has a couple of drawbacks: first, the information is unverified. Second, your personal address book is being used to identify other people’s calls. WhitePages only uses verified information and doesn’t publish or compromise your personal address book.

As you can tell, we’re maniacal about keeping contacts in order. If you want to take the next step, try out our Hiya contact management service. It fills in the blanks in your entire address book with the latest and greatest WhitePages info and tells you whenever there’s new data available. Go to to find out more.

We hope you enjoy the updates to the WhitePages Caller ID app – please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

by Bret Moore

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