Caller ID by WhitePages: A New Android App


Just Added!! Want to try Caller ID FREE for 7 days?  Hit this link to get the free trial app.

I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing a new and improved version of Caller ID by WhitePages, in the paid Android Market that will give our customers an even better Caller ID experience.  The G1 app will be available for download today.

The first version of Caller ID by WhitePages is one of the most successful Android apps to date with over 100,000 downloads.  Users responded to the ability to find out who’s calling instantly — and, they asked us for even more innovative features.

So, in addition to the great features in our first Android app, here’s what we’ve added. You can also check out the short video that shows what’s new:

  • More names to ID more calls, including mobile numbers! (This was our #1 request from users.) This means a better match rate.
  • Telemarketing alerts will flash during calls from known telemarketers. You’ll never have to take a research survey during dinnertime again!
  • Look up numbers on demand with the Reverse Phone feature. I use this all the time when people text me and I don’t recognize the phone number. And it’s great when you miss calls or want to update names and addresses on your phone without typing in a bunch of information.
  • Better connection handling and performance means faster Caller ID results.
  • A great new look and layout, including our new WhitePages branding and colors. You’ll be seeing more of this soon!

To get the new and improved Caller ID by WhitePages, simply download the app through the Android Market icon on the phone menu. Just search for WhitePages.  The price is $6.99 for six months of unlimited Caller ID – that’s less than one call to 411 per month, and a fraction of what you would pay for Caller ID on your home phone. Plus, you can try it for free for 7 days. What’s to lose?

For all of you who’ve been following our Android App developments, please feel free to drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts.


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31 thoughts on “Caller ID by WhitePages: A New Android App

  1. Tracey says:

    I downloaded the free trial, and when I call from a landline phone, the number still comes up blocked, is there any way to get the landline numbers to come up as well??

  2. Bret Moore says:

    Thanks Tracey for trying out the app!

    The app will ID landline calls as well as mobile. If you can contact our customer support (”Send email to developer” from the Android Market app page), we can help you out.

  3. yeng says:

    i want to look up for a phone cell # which is i want to know where it live address and name informations stuff like that what can i do or get to be able to find it as i want.

  4. Christiana says:

    I would like to say that I have utilized the White Pages free application, and I was very impressed. I was so pleased with the results, that I paid for the full application. There have been many times that I have used the reverse look up function to identify callers and also to obtain further information based on these numbers. I have to say this is by far one of the best applications I have used.

  5. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Salomon — Currently the WhitePages Caller ID app is only available for phones that use the Android operating system. In the US, that’s the G1 phone on T-Mobile (more Android phones should be coming soon).

    What kind of phone do you have? If you have a flip phone, you can always go to and look up numbers after you’ve received the call (it’s not as convenient though).

  6. Marc_O says:

    Downloaded and installed the lite version (trial version) yesterday. At the install it pop-up a message saying that the trial period had expired. From that point on the only thing that works is the link to upgrade the application. Nothing else works other than a pop-op window asking to upgrade. Still do not know whether or not the application would work for me.

    Disappointing – Uninstall and move on.

  7. Marc_O says:

    It was the first time ever I downloaded it. I have the G1 for about 10 days, and it has just been updated to firmware 1.5. Why it does install for the first time already expired? Can you check this first? Please feel free to forward it to the \developers\.

  8. Snidd says:

    Does this work for any country? Or just the US? Im a resident in Sweden, europe. And thinking of purchasing this application.

  9. Jonas says:

    @Snidd: For swedish reverse lookup, you can try out Zap’s Hitta – it’s free on the Market. Also works in Austria, btw.

  10. Thomas T J says:

    Hi Bret,
    I have just ordered a HTC magic. I am in Toronto and would like to know whether the Caller ID Application will work in Canada now.

  11. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Troy — the WhitePages app identifies the majority of mobile callers, including Cingular/AT&T numbers. As for when the app will be available on AT&T phones, this isn’t possible today as there aren’t any Android phones on AT&T. However, this hopefully will change soon, and we hope to be on AT&T phones when that happens.

  12. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Marc – was this the first time you had installed the Lite app? It should still work, actually even after the trial period, just won’t match as many numbers. If you’d like for us to help you troubleshoot, please drop us an email (use the “Send email to developer” link from the Android Market page).

  13. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Snidd – thanks for asking! Although the app will technically work anywhere, the name & number listings that the app searches are currently U.S. only. Sorry about that…

  14. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Levert – We don’t currently have plans to develop Caller ID for Windows Mobile, but your interest makes a difference! We’ll definitely look into what’s possible. Thanks for the suggestion.

  15. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Leigh, thanks for asking. Although the app technically can run in the UK, we currently do not have UK numbers in our database, so you wouldn’t get very good results. Sorry about that – but we’ll keep thinking about how we could potentially expand to the UK.

  16. Bret Moore says:

    Hi TJ, the app should run and return results in Canada. You can try the trial version and see how it works for you. I’d appreciate hearing what you think — let me know how it goes, you can just drop me an email. Thanks !

  17. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Julian… Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately Apple/iPhone won’t allow us to do this…but we want to!! Let them know! :)

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