Call Spam for Lunch? No Thank You.


Based on analysis of over 600 Million “unknown” numbers reported by our Caller ID customers, we at WhitePages estimate that more than 30 percent of all calls placed to cell phones are from “unknown” callers, or numbers that are not already in people’s phone contacts. Of these calls, we estimate that nearly 25 percent can be classified as “Call Spam”, or unsolicited calls or texts to mobile phones from telemarketers, debt collectors and scammers. These folks are spamming cell phones – aggressively – from numerous phone numbers with a variety of area codes, sometimes many times throughout the day, even at very odd hours (11 AM on Mondays is the most popular time).

WhitePages has been helping people fight “Call Spam” for years, so, in addition to calling out the top ten “Call Spammers” of 2011, we thought we would also share some interesting (and kind of scary) stats in the following infographic so that consumers can not only understand what a real threat call spam is, but can also take appropriate steps to avoid these kinds of unsolicited calls in the future.

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