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It’s been very busy in the WhitePages Mobile group lately, and this time I think we’ve really outdone ourselves.   So, I wanted to give you an update on WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry – now available in BlackBerry App World.

While we have seen tremendous success and uptake from our iPhone and Android apps as well as the newly relaunched m.WhitePages.com, we wanted to design something new with the power BlackBerry user in mind.  It’s our best and most featured-packed application yet.

Instead of listing all the things you can do with the WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry app, I thought it would be more interesting to start with some tips on a few different ways you can use the app, and why I’ve found it to be an indispensable addition to my mobile app collection.


Who just called?

If you’re like most users, quite a few of your  incoming calls or texts aren’t already in your phone contact list.  With WhitePages Mobile, you can now look up numbers directly from the BlackBerry phone call log.   Just press the Send button to see your call log, then press the menu button.  You’ll see an option to search WhitePages, which launches directly to a page with info on the caller.  That’s quick!

Even better, we’ve included 600 million hard-to-find mobile and unpublished numbers to provide the best results possible.   This works for incoming calls as well as unknown text messages.

Getting your contacts all in one place

Update contacts

It’s fantastically simple to update existing contacts, and quickly create one contact that holds all of the information WhitePages has available – home address and phone, work address and phone, company and job title.  Find a listing, select Add to Contacts, then Add to Existing contact.   New information will be updated to fill in the details you didn’t know or didn’t have time to type in manually.   Then, your information is stored all in one contact for easy access and syncing with whatever contact management system you may use.

Another great new feature is Send/Share.   If you don’t want to keep all of your contacts on your phone, this lets you send WhitePages listing info to your desktop in a flash by email or, share the listing with a friend or colleague.

Find people with Company Search

company_search_form1Now it’s easy to search the 40 million+ work listings in the WhitePages database — track down important business contacts and colleagues quickly with just a last name and company name.   With only a few keystrokes you can get a phone number, map, and directions to get you to business meetings fast, or locate colleagues who may have moved offices or locations without knowing the city and state.

This is one of the easiest ways to find phone and address info for important business contacts, with no strings attached or new memberships required – if you’ve ever had to friend, follow or fumble through contact lists to get the information you need, we’ve made this easy and straightforward.  Plus, you can add to your phone contacts or check your recent search results in WhitePages Mobile to keep the information right at your fingertips, offline or online.

From business trips, sales prospecting and trade conferences to everyday communication, WhitePages Mobile brings a whole new level of convenience and productivity to active BlackBerry users.   I hope you’ll enjoy using it as much as I do!

So, take a look at our video to see how it works, then go download it from BlackBerry App World.  It’s available now on the Bold, with all of the other major BlackBerry models (Storm, Curve, Pearl) to follow soon.   Check out our first review, and feel free to let me know what you think about our new app below.


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20 thoughts on “Out Now! WhitePages Mobile for BlackBerry App World

  1. Peter Chan says:

    Adding to existing contacts is not as “easy” as it appears. You have to scroll through your names one by one and there isn’t a way to jump directly to a contact you know you already have. You can’t sort by name, company, or search either. Hopefully we can fix this issue in a revision. Also seems to have some memory issues in 4.6 on my Bold. It somehow locks up and I can’t get back into my phone log until it times out for some reason. Reboot fixed it, but heads up, it may not play nicely with other apps just yet.

  2. Stan says:

    As an account rep for a wholesale distributor, I would use this app to help me in new territories where I know few potential customers. Please get a release for the Storm in expedited fashion.

  3. Bret Moore says:

    Thanks Peter — great suggestions on how to improve the contact management, we’ll definitely improve this in future versions. Regarding other apps, could you email me directly and let me know which other apps you have installed? (bmoore at whitepages.com)

    Stan, we will have the Storm version ready very soon! We will have it finished this week, and should be available in AppWorld soon thereafter.

  4. Nogods says:

    Where is the trial? Surely you have a trial version available. Any app worth its cost would not be afraid to allow a user to try before paying.

    Most of the apps without trials are really beta-ware by developers looking for individuals users to act as both guina-pigs and bankers while they complete development of the app.

    So where is the trial?

  5. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Nogods – we don’t have a trial version yet but plan to offer this in the future. The Bold app is fully finished, and I think very solid. Right now, we’re wrapping up the Storm, Curve and Pearl versions as quickly as we can. We’ve put a lot of work into these apps and, if you choose to wait until a trial version is available, then I hope you like it when you do!

  6. Nogods says:

    Well…if i can’t try before I buy, then let me ask:

    1. what is the refund policy?

    2. I typed in a known cell number in reverse lookup at whitepages.com. It tells me that the current name and address are available through a “premium database” and then the links take me to a site that want’s $5 for the info.

    Do I have access to these “premium databses” through the paid bb version or will I also get the same “got-to-pay-more” come on?

  7. Bob says:

    I read the review for your app May 7th at CrackBerry.com. Last night I decided to download it; they said to go to Blackberry’s App World and type in WhitePges in the search box. Got no results. Is the app still there, or was it pulled? If there’s no problems with it, I’d like to subscribe; I use a model 8830 with current version of operating system.

  8. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Bob — thanks for checking! We don’t have a version for the 8830 currently. We are hoping to in a week or so, please check back then in App World or just drop me an email if that’s easier (bmoore at whitepages.com).

  9. evans says:

    I just purchased this app for my BB Storm and i must admit i am disappointed. paying the $7 (6 months) for the app i assumed this “600 million hard-to-find mobile and unpublished numbers” would make it well worth the $$$. I have not been able to find one cell phone # with this app. As far as i can tell this “database” is no different than the free website. I have really been looking forward to this app. please tell me something is broke!

  10. Bob says:

    I tried emailing you about this a couple of times, but apparently they didn’t go through. As of tomorrow I will be switching to a BlackBerry tour (9630). Will my WhitePages version for my 8830 work, or are you developing have you developed a version for the Tour? Or is there a previous version (e.g. for the Storm) that would work on it. Also, once I switch , will there be anything I have to do keep my subscription current?


  11. Yasmin says:

    Brett, this is a fresh post to a stale blog, but I had nowhere else to turn so I decided to come to the source. I previously owned a Blackberry 8320 in August 2009, when I first purchased a 6-mo. subscription to the BB version of the White Pages app. I used that app every day and outside of a few “errant” numbers, it always delivered. However, since then, I have changed out my BB to a BB 8520 and received a notice in “My World” on BB App World that White pages is “unavailable for my device” even though there’s still a few days (24 more to be exact) left on my subscription. Nevertheless, that’s not the point.

    Since my subscription expires this month, I decided I would purchase a new 6-mo. subscription, because this is a MUST HAVE app for me. It has saved me in my business affairs more time than I can count. But, I cannot find the app for the BB anywhere. It’s no longer in the BB App Store (I searched several times), and I cannot find any links for a Blackberry download of any kind anywhere on the net, or even on your site. Can you help me locate a download area to renew my app please?

    Yasmin “I must have my White Pages app back!” Jones

  12. Bob says:

    Thanks for the speedy reply! I’ll definitely check back. And possibly, depending how things turn out, I may want a version for the Palm Pre later this year;)

  13. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Adam – Unfortunately, we don’t have plans for an Australian version at the moment. Thanks for asking though!

  14. Bret Moore says:

    Hi Cheung – although you can get and use the app anywhere, the name & number listings that the app searches are currently U.S. only. Sorry about that…

  15. Bret Moore says:

    It was just released! If you have a Curve with OS 4.5 or higher, you should now be able to find the WhitePages app in AppWorld. Hope you like it!

  16. Bret Moore says:

    Sorry to hear that. There assuredly are many more numbers available than on the website — the place to see this is when identifying calls in your Call Log or entering them directly using the Reverse Phone feature of the app. You should find a significantly better match rate for numbers, especially mobile numbers. The Company Search and Add To Contacts features also aren’t available on the site. If you try out some of those features, I hope you’ll find it worth your while.

  17. Bret Moore says:

    Great question — I’ve traded emails with Bob on this, but for the benefit of everyone else…. we’re working on a Tour version and hope to have this ready very soon!

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