5 Signs You’re Ready to Meet in Person: An Infographic

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Online dating is a super cool way to meet new people, but knowing when it’s time to meet in person can be kind of stressful. We made this handy infographic to help you decide whether to accept an invitation out! Safety is key here, so consider each of these signs carefully. Remember, when you’re getting ready to meet someone new, make sure you know something about their personal background!

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An infographic to help you know when it's time to meet in person!

Don’t Get Salty, Get Malty! How Beer Can Help You Make New Friends

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Have you tried making a new friend as an adult? It’s not as easy as when you were a kid! There’s more to it now than simply having the most crayons. Kids can bond over just about anything, but as we get older, it’s harder to develop close relationships. But fie to all that! Being an adult has one great perk when it comes to getting to know new friends: tasty, life-affirming beer. All those anxieties we have about meeting new people as adults—where do I start? What do we talk about?—vanish when we get in front of a delectable brew. Getting to know a new friend becomes less daunting when you can invite them for a beer at one of these super-cool breweries.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewing; Milton, Delaware

This is one of the big ones. Dogfish Head has an impressive roster of rotating beers, including the 90 Minute IPA—one of the best of its kind—and unusual enjoyable offerings, like the Seaquench Ale, a sour beer made with lime peel, black limes, and sea salt. Dogfish Head’s tasting room is open for at least a few hours every day, including Sunday, and there’s a variety of food trucks for you and your buddy to choose from!

Surly Brewing Company; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Known for big, bold flavor, Surly Brewing Company doesn’t mess around when it comes to beer. The company’s enormous brewery facility features a taproom and a restaurant with a robust food menu. Surly is a great place to meet with friends and play outdoor games while you sample beers like the Furious, an IPA-ESB hybrid, or the #Merica!, a seasonal pre-prohibition style lager. And if you and your friend are lucky enough to get a seat at the Brewer’s Table, you’ll enjoy exquisitely-cooked meals paired with Surly’s beers.

Taos Mesa Brewing; El Prado, New Mexico

Nestled into the beautifully sparse New Mexican landscape, Taos Mesa Brewing features an indoor stage and an amphitheater for larger concerts. The brewery has a pretty full calendar of music and performances coming up, so pick one—or several—to check out while you enjoy the rich, malty Fall Down Brown or the light, crisp Kolsch 45. Taos Mesa has lots of brews and lots of events, so it’s a great choice for a casual friend-date!

Pike Brewing Company; Seattle, Washington

Landmark destination Pike Place Brewery always has a lot to see and do, so there’s really no better way to wind down an afternoon than at Pike, one of the best breweries in the city. Enjoy a beautiful view of Elliott Bay while you sip libations from a rotating tap list and snack on a soft pretzel. Like many of the other breweries on this list, Pike also hosts events from time to time. A favorite event here is the Women in Beer celebration, which honors women’s leadership in the Northwest craft beer industry.

Pelican Pub and Brewery; Pacific City, Oregon

This brewery arguably has the most beautiful scenery on this list. Pelican Pub and Brewery is literally an oceanfront destination, just sandy steps away from the shores of the Pacific. Watch the tides come in while you take a tour of the brewery. Then, eat some fried cheese curds or fish and chips, paired with Umbrella IPA or the malty Kiwanda Cream Ale. The Tillamook Taproom is open daily from 11 AM to 9 PM, and if you just can’t bear to leave, there are lots of nearby places to stay. Beer, sleep, repeat.

Ahh, beer—it can bring people together like nothing else. While visiting breweries with new friends is always great fun, make sure you know a little bit about their background before you invite them out.

Have you been to any of these breweries? What pubs and brewing companies would you like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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Magic in a Muggle Word: How Many Witch and Wizard Names Are There?

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In honor of the recent publication of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script, we thought we’d take a look at how many people living in our Muggle world today share names with J.K. Rowling’s characters. Even though Cursed Child wasn’t written by Rowling herself (it was the project of playwright Jack Thorne), the book is an exciting return to a world most of us—myself included—have really missed! Whether you’ve gotten the book yet or not, here’s a list of the magical people living among us.

Harry Potter

As you might expect, this name is actually pretty common. 122 Harry Potters reside among us, primarily in Florida, with a few Harry Potter, Jrs. and Harold Potters thrown in for good measure.

Ron Weasley

A little more common, there are over 600 Ron Weasleys in the United States all around the country. If anyone in the Midwest sees a car flying through the sky, you can expect the one exact match for Arthur Weasley to be very angry.

Hermione Granger

Five women live in the United States with this name, and you just know that they’re outperforming all the other residents in absolutely everything in Illinois, Missouri, Nevada, Virginia, and Wisconsin. Reports indicate that the house-elves in these areas are some of the happiest.

Rubeus Hagrid

No one in the nation has this name, which makes sense, as Hagrid is a singular creature whose good spirit is unmatched by anyone.

Albus Dumbledore

No luck here, either. Trying to think of a name for your baby?

Tom Riddle

Okay, prepare yourselves: there are 56 exact matches for Tom Riddle and tons of possible matches—hundreds of them, all around the country. Thomas Riddles, too. “Tom Marvolo Riddle,” however, yielded no results—which means any of Tom Riddles could be the Tom Riddle. Start practicing your Slug-Vomiting Charms and your Bat-Bogey Hexes! This brings me to…

Lord Voldemort

Yes, there is indeed one Lord Voldemort. He lives in Quebec. I wonder if he’s retired from evil to sample cheese and offer wine tastings?

Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley Dursley

Happily, these folks are strictly fiction.

Ginny Weasley

There are no Ginny Weasleys in the U.S., but don’t despair: there are 10 Ginny Potters.

Draco Malfoy

Okay, so no Draco Malfoy, but there are a handful of people with the surname Malfoy, including one with the first name Narcissa. Distant relatives? Or not-so-distant relatives, perhaps…

Harry Potter is a vast, magical realm, full of possibility. So is your world! You can look anyone up with Whitepages Premium and get access to their records, licenses, and contact info, so you’ll know if they’ve moved to Hogwarts or not. Always be kind to your witch and wizard neighbors, but don’t forget: CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

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What Does It Mean to Intern at Whitepages?

Alison Haugh

There was a time that we looked forward to the summer, because we knew that it meant endless hours of running around outside with all the neighborhood kids. But 2016 was different as I found myself looking forward to summer for a much different reason: I had landed myself an internship. After handing out endless resumes, attending career fairs, and few technical interviews, I was about to begin my summer as an intern at Whitepages.

Being an intern at Whitepages does not mean running to get coffee for the whole team every morning and working on meaningless projects with little outcome. It means taking group coffee breaks and interns’ ownership of a project to bring all the way from the whiteboard to production. Over the past couple of months (has it already been that long??), I and the other interns have had the chance to learn the inner workings of a business that earned $70 million in revenue last year, contribute some of our best work to impact the experience of millions of users every day, and become part of a great team. At Whitepages, interns also become part of the whole company. From being included in daily standup meetings to being invited to join the company’s softball and bowling teams, we are given really great ways to get involved.

At the start of our internships, we were each assigned a mentor from our team as well as a “buddy” from a team other than our own. We collaborated with our mentors and the rest of our teams to complete projects throughout the duration of the internship. Our mentors also helped us to outline a set of goals that we wanted to accomplish over the summer. These goals ranged from completing our assigned project to developing professional skills such as networking with people in many different positions within the company. Our “buddies” were there for really anything else we needed and to answer questions about anything.

The projects we were assigned gave us the chance to apply the knowledge that we have been studying in school while also developing many more skills, like how to build a relationship with a team, refine communication skills, how to pay attention to detail, and how to deal with problems/bugs that you create – which are going to happen.

Of course, after all this work, we earned some play. Our amazing university recruiter planned some really great events that have given the interns, mentors, and buddies a chance to hang out and get to know each other outside of the office.  My favorite event this summer was playing Whirlyball, a game that combines basketball and bumper cars. We got some friendly competition going among the teams, and most games ended in a lot of laughter.

All in all, Whitepages is a company where employees get to contribute real work that has a big impact. It’s also a company where you can say “hi” to the CEO daily, intern with other brilliant students from top ten universities, and be inspired by each and every employee’s drive to help the company become the best that it can be.

Are you interested in joining Whitepages and becoming a member of our world-class team? View our job openings here!

This piece was written by our engineering intern, Alison Haugh, who works on the Search Experience team. Alison is currently studying informatics at the University of Washington.

It’s #TacoTuesday!

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Moving is kind of a big deal–there are so many things to consider when choosing a new place to live. The house has to be the right size and have at least most of the fixin’s—kitchen, garage, a yard for your herd of wiener dogs. But choosing the right neighborhood is about more than just finding the house: it’s also about choosing your neighbors and community. Not only should your neighbors be reputable people, they should be cool enough to invite over for #TacoTuesday! Once you’ve run a background search on your new neighbors to confirm that they’re trustworthy, invite them over for a delicious meal. Today, we’re here to celebrate your journey in finding the right community—with tasty taco recipes to make and share!

Tacos de lechon

It’s awfully hard to turn away a meal made with slow-roasted pork, one of life’s tastiest meat options. Lechon, a dish served around the world and made from whole-roasted suckling pig, is at its most delectable when wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. Sprinkle this glorious offering with homemade pico de gallo and some pickled peppers and you’ve got yourself a treat. But you don’t have to roast a whole pig for this recipe—pork carnitas works nicely too.

Breakfast tacos

Even their name is straight and to the point. Breakfast tacos are a wonderful thing, and just as customizable as any other kind of taco. Add scrambled eggs, chorizo or bacon, queso fresco, and perhaps some radish slices, avocado, and cilantro and wrap up your tortilla—corn or flour will do! Don’t forget the hot sauce. Recipe right here.

Fish tacos (without the fried fish!)

A lot of fish tacos you can order in a restaurant come with battered and fried pieces of fish. But for a fresher, arguably tastier approach, look for a taqueria near you that makes fish tacos with any kind of fresh-caught fish, like halibut, cod, snapper, shrimp, or even marlin. These fish tacos will ideally come with any combination of sliced cabbage, lime, spices, red onion, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, hot sauce, or cilantro. They’re fin-tastic! Click through this gallery for a whole bunch of recipes.

Tacos de cazuela

Depending on which region of Mexico your taqueria’s recipe is from, tacos de cazuela could be filled with any number of wonderful things. In Queretaro, tacos de cazuela come with strips of poblano chilies cooked in tomato sauce, or eggs with pasilla sauce. If the recipe comes from Toluca, expected to see stewed greens like spinach, green chilies and mushrooms, or pork rind and squash blossoms. So versatile—so delicious, any way you get them. Try this vegan recipe for a whole lot of flavor.

Fry bread tacos

FRY BREAD. If you’ve never had it, you have missed out on something wondrous. It’s like an elephant ear but without all the sugar. Oily, buttery, savory, fry bread is a perfect foundation for tons of flavor and texture. Top a piece with a savory stewed meat like carnitas, beef barbacoa, or pork al pastor, shredded lettuce, onion (pickled or raw), stewed tomatoes, and cilantro. If you find a restaurant or truck in your area that makes these, you’ve found your forever home. If not, you can make your own fry bread and go from there!

What’s your favorite recipe to make for #TacoTuesday? Do you and your neighbors like to get together? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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