Use Caller ID to Improve Your Customer Service & Keep Your Cool

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Since customer service is increasingly playing a role in consumers’ decisions and perceptions of brands, businesses need to be providing the best experience possible. For small businesses, staying in touch with customers, and ensuring they’re having a positive experience, can be tough. What they need are enhanced communication tools like Whitepages Caller ID to help them provide the best customer service possible.

Customers Want More, More, More

In an article discussing some of the topics in the realm of customer service, Forbes highlighted three changing trends in what consumers expect from businesses.

Those three trends are:

  1. A growing desire for fast, accurate and complete communication related to customer questions and concerns
  2. Accuracy in everything from the contents of a shipped order to the response to a technical query
  3. A general desire for extended hours that go past the old standard of 9 to 5

It’s also telling that Salesforce’s No. 1 piece of advice for small businesses is that every customer deserves a response. No matter the exact nature of a business or the people that make up a customer base, taking care of customers is a crucial component of operations.

Small businesses can change the game by doing something very similar to what their increasingly demanding customers are doing: expecting more. Proprietors of small companies need to expect more out of the business tools they use. When they do, they gain the kind of power that lets them give customers the increasingly involved experiences that they demand.

Getting AheadWith Whitepages Caller ID

Staying in touch doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration for small-business owners. The first step to providing excellent service is to communicate as effectively as possible with clients. Of course, as a one-person enterprise, you may be feeling squeezed for time when it comes to customer service or frustrated with past efforts that involved the dedication of valuable time and resources without much in the way of results.

There’s one valuable tool that many small-business owners may not have considered, despite its potential to provide more effective, personalized and responsive customer communication: that’s caller ID.

If you operate your small business communications from your mobile phone, then caller ID can greatly improve the way you reach out to and take calls from clients, leaving them happy and you with fewer headaches. Identity management is a major advantage found in the Whitepages Caller ID app for Android, as users can both set the appearance of their information for outgoing calls and learn more about the people calling them, even when the incoming call is from a mobile number not stored in their phone book. This makes both outreach and inbound calls easier to manage.

For example, the instant a customer calls, Whitepages Caller ID will identify the name of the caller so a small-business owner can begin referencing related past communications or locate a specific piece of information that is needed, all while saying “Hello!” This creates a more positive experience overall. And when it comes to returning calls from clients, the ability for your customer to see your name listed accurately means less of a chance for confusion and a quicker resolution. Plus with Caller ID, company owners can easily block calls from telemarketers, phone lines associated with spam and others, keeping their business line free of extraneous calls and putting more of a focus on the people who matter most—the customers.

The enhanced suite of services offered by Caller ID means that quick, accurate and successful customer service interactions are a possibility for small businesses.

Want to try Whitepages Caller ID? Get your free download on the Google Play Store.

More Unknown Numbers? Block Them With Caller ID


You may not realize it, but the way we think about mobile phones is changing. Today, your mobile phone does much more than make phone calls. It’s your calendar, alarm clock, phone book and portal to the Web where other cherished items like email and social media live. It’s no surprise then that people are buying more of them. But with more phones in the wild, comes more unknown numbers. Let’s take a look at the spike in mobile phones and learn more about how Whitepages Caller ID helps you manage them by blocking unwanted calls.

Mobile phones are on the rise

Use rates for smartphones and tablets are growing fast. The number of worldwide mobile users is estimated to go from 4.3 billion in 2014 to 5.2 billion by 2019. That’s a 21% increase. To take it one step further, the average person in North America will own approximately 3 mobile devices by 2019. What these numbers tell us is simple: the amount of mobile phone numbers is rising rapidly.

What that means for you

Your mobile phone doesn’t identify names for incoming calls unless the number is already stored in your phone book. And as mobile devices get into the hands of more users, the chance for being caught off guard with a phone call from an unrecognized number is going to rise. No one wants to return a call to a telemarketer by accident or otherwise waste time with unknown numbers that are better off avoided. At the same time, the growing number of mobile devices—more than one per person on average—means it’s increasingly likely that when you receive a call, you won’t recognize the number, even if it’s a family member, close friend or a manager at work. Sorting through these two very different types of calls is time consuming and frustrating without using the right tools.


Identify & block unwanted numbers

The old saying, where there’s a will there’s a way applies here. We developed Whitepages Caller ID to solve these issues. With Caller ID, you know who’s calling even if they aren’t in your phone book. It’s a free app for your Android that helps you make better decisions on which calls to answer. And as an increasing amount of mobile devices continue to flood the phone lines, you might find that you want to block certain numbers—spammers, scammers and exes, to name a few. Caller ID allows you to block phone numbers of your choosing so they stop interrupting your day. Send unwanted calls straight to voice mail and prevent them from ringing through.

Whitepages Caller has other cool features like location sharing and spam ID. Download it free on the Google Play Store.

Problems & Solutions: Fight Mobile Spam With Caller ID


The first years of widespread cellphone use were great for early users who wanted to avoid the telemarketers and robocalls that were invading their landlines. And the fact that’s it’s harder for companies to find information like a name or address associated with cellphones made mobile phones a privacy-lover’s dream. But times have changed. Mobile spam has become an all too common problem. Let’s take a look at the state of mobile spam today and talk about what you can do to control it.


The Problems at the Heart of the Matter

How much of the general population is affected by unwanted spam and telemarketing calls? Approximately 68 percent of cellphone users receive unwanted calls related to sales and marketing. Of the people who are negatively impacted by such calls, a full 25 percent, are dealing with multiple unwanted incoming calls per week. Spam calls from telemarketers are the most common issue for Americans using cellphones.

Another factor to consider when it comes to mobile spam are the phone carriers. The companies that manage mobile and landlines are hesitant to block calls because of legal precedents. The Federal Trade Commission says it’s fine for carriers to block automatic dialers and other obvious spam calls, the phone companies say past rulings indicate they can’t exert this kind of control on calls. Even with the FTC’s recent go-ahead to introduce stronger spam-call blocking, it’s clear that phone companies aren’t particularly active in terms of developing or implementing this kind of technology.

Putting the Power in Your Hands

Lucky for cellphone users, a powerful spam-blocking app is available for Android—and it’s free! Whitepages Caller ID tells you when an incoming call is suspected of spam. You see its spam rating along with comments from other users who can tell you more about it. From there, you can even block the number from calling you and send it straight to voice mail. Thanks to its trusted phone reputation service and user feedback, Caller ID is able to put control back in your hands. Download it today and always know who’s calling.

Want to learn more about Caller ID? Watch our video.

Use Caller ID to Run Your Kid’s Soccer Team


When you first signed up to lead your child’s soccer team, you probably thought the actual coaching would be your main responsibility. But no one told you how much time you’d spend reaching out to other parents to share game locations, order uniforms, assign snack duty and figure out carpooling. Making sure the team is in the right place at the right time is critical. You’re likely dealing with multiple phone numbers per family, and keeping them organized can be stressful. That’s where Whitepages Caller ID comes in:

You can control your caller identity so that parents know it’s you who’s calling

Let’s face it. You aren’t just a soccer coach. Between communicating with the team, your family and your work colleagues, you need the option to choose how you appear on your outgoing calls. With Caller ID, you can customize your caller identity to show either your Facebook, LinkedIn or Whitepages profile picture and name. So whether you’re calling your boss or your goalie’s mom, you give them the right impression the moment they look at their phone.

You can easily and instantly see who’s calling you

Whether you’re in coach mode, at the office or enjoying some of your valuable free time, you want to know who’s calling. But what about those telemarketers, scammers and other unwanted callers who are trying to spoof their numbers to get through to you? When the dad of your standout midfielder is calling to let you know your player has been knocked out with a cold all week and can’t play, you want to make sure you answer. When you’re getting the third call in as many days from a number that’s offering you a “free vacation,” you probably wish you could block it.

Caller ID lets you stop those annoying spam calls from coming through in the first place with its powerful block feature, one that includes both phone calls and text messages. When it comes to the people you want to talk to, such as friends, family and the parents of your players, Whitepages Caller ID gives you the information you need. Don’t remember Timmy’s father’s name, even though he talked to you after practice on Thursday? If he’s calling you, Caller ID will tell you his name before you answer – even if his contact info isn’t saved in your phone.

You can share your location to coordinate practices, games, and pickups

For better or worse, cellphones have made last minute planning a reality of modern life. Of course, there’s plenty to be said for the usefulness of cellphones, especially for a youth sports coach. Is the local high school team’s game running late, meaning your team is going to have to hike down to the middle school for practice? With Caller ID, you can easily send the location’s info to provide directions and make sure parent pickups go smoothly. The same goes for games and other team events, too. You can let parents and carpool leaders know exactly where to go in a flash.

Want to learn more about Caller ID? Watch our video!

Rain or shine, we mini golf.

whitepages golf[1]

Take a group of twenty WhitePages interns, their mentors, and managers to a mini golf course then tell them there are prizes. Odds are you’ll come out of the round thinking mini golf was an Olympic sport.

Did your team putt the best overall score? Congratulations, bronze medals and prizes for all!

Did you putt a hole-in-one? Even if it was a fluke, silver medal for you! Here is a gift card.

Did you putt the lowest score out of everyone? Congratulations, you are a gold medalist on the top of the podium. Here is another gift card.

On the first social intern event of the summer, the team went to Interbay Golf Course to play a round and enjoy our time out of the office. We managed to dodge the rain, played through some soggy greens, and even managed to hit a few holes-in-one. Shout outs to Jeff, Katherine, Byron, and Graeme for sinking those putts with one stroke!

When the rounds were over, we headed inside for dinner and awards. Although the competition was fierce, there was a team who stood above the rest. Congratulations Team Number One! As it so happens, they also had our overall best golfer with a round total of 48; that’s only 8 over par.

We’ve enjoyed having our summer interns and it was a great way to interact outside the office. Up next on the intern social calendar is our afternoon playing Whirlyball in August. We can’t wait!