WhitePages Neighbors & NNO team up for a second year

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We are very happy to announce that for the second year in a row Whitepages Neighbors is the block party invite and RSVP technology of choice for millions of Americans participating in National Night Out (NNO) 2012. The WhitePages Neighbors solution provides NNO neighborhood organizers with online access to household contact information for 90 percent of their neighbors and the ability to mail them personalized Block Party invites through the U.S. Postal Service for free within a few clicks.

For the past 29 years NNO organizers have dedicated countless hours towards organizing their neighborhood’s annual block party because they are passionate about fostering community spirit and taking a stand against crime. For this reason, we are honored our service is able to make their summer a little easier.

“By putting neighbor’s accurate contact information within reach with so little effort, WhitePages not only helps organizers pull off one amazing night, but also makes it easier for neighbors to connect all year — whether for emergency or good old fashion fun,” said Matt Peskin, creator of National Night Out.

To use “Neighbors,” site visitors go to http://neighbors.whitepages.com and enter their own address and the results will populate with the name, address, phone number, etc. of their immediate neighbors.

Hello, My Name is Cheeseburger


Food has been so ingrained in American culture that we’ve literally started naming our children after our favorite dishes. Take, for example, the four people in the US with the first name Broccoli – can you image how deeply in love a person needs to be with the green vegetable to name their child after a word that literally means the “flowering top of a cabbage”? Broccolis are not alone – the list of food names is lengthy – and we’ve compiled the best of them to commemorate this month’s National Food Holidays: National Chocolate Milkshake Day (Sep. 12th), National Apple Dumpling Day (Sep. 17th), National Cheeseburger Day (Sep. 18th), National Butterscotch Pudding Day (Sep. 19th) and National Pancake Day (Sep. 26th).

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Most Popular Birthstone Names


Welcome to September! The month of Fall, Emergency Preparedness, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, the new school year and the prized sapphire gem. This year, the sapphire has received far more than its fair share of recognition due to the royal wedding. In fact, on this fine September 1st day, the sapphire is all we can really think about. More specifically, what a beautiful name ‘Sapphire’ would be. Of course, being WhitePages, we got curious and tapped into names.whitepages.com to determine just how popular the name is compared to other birthstone names. Here’s what we came up with –

Sadly for the stone aquamarine, no one wants to name their child ‘Aquamarine’. Understandable. But only 176 people are named ‘Sapphire’? Surely that number should be much higher, so all you folks out there expecting a child in the month of September, why not name them after this gorgeous gem?

Do you have a dog’s name?


What name would you choose for your dog? This question has troubled almost all of us who have ever decided to get a puppy. Do you go with something cutesy like Fluffykins or something classic like George? Since today is National Dog Day, we’ve decided to do you a favor by compiling an inspiring list of dog names.
VIP Pet Insurance announced the list of the most common dog names of 2010 based on the dogs they insured. According to their list, the 10 most common dog names are:

We got the names but now there is the question of how many of these are most popular also as human names (like Bella in Twilight?) The similarity between the names we choose for dogs and humans is quite surprising. Take a look at the number of humans that share common names with some of our four-legged furry friends.

Now let’s check out some celebrity dog names. Celebrities tend to have a flair for the unique, especially when it comes to names, and anyway, haven’t you ever wondered about the name of Paris Hilton’s old dog? Well, now you can satisfy your curiosity. Below are some celebrity dog names:

Apart from all these names, there are some that don’t appear on these lists but are unforgettable all the same. For example, how many of you can forget “Lassie”? Do you still remember the famous dog stars below?

Now that you’ve got some great dog names in mind, you may want to check out the pet friendliest cities in America before running off to the pound.  Using Localicious information, we’ve compiled a list of US cities with the most pet services per capita:

With that, we leave you with this – “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.” – Bob Barker.

Run and Hug Winners Tell All


Back in April of this year, WhitePages hosted the Run and Hug contest to reunite a student with the teacher that helped shape their life. We received hundreds of entries, thousands of votes, and in the end Brandi Turner and her 2nd grade teacher, Leslie Campbell, emerged as the clear winners. We were very happy to send them to New York for their reunion, and are glad to hear they had a great weekend. In the words of Leslie Campbell:

I must thank Brandi Turner and WhitePages.com for this recognition and wonderful opportunity to visit NYC. I feel very lucky and honored to be nominated by Brandi as “America’s Favorite Teacher.” What a wonderful and humbling compliment just to be remembered, let alone nominated! Thank you to Whitepages.com for offering this fantastic trip. I would also like to thank all of the people who voted in the contest. This experience has been a dream come true.

Brandi and I had a fabulous time together, enthusiastically seeing as many New York sites as possible in three days and zigzagging across Manhattan with ease thanks to my daughter, Sally, and her iPhone apps. Brandi is as sweet and thoughtful as she was in second grade and her daughter, Jaedin, is so polite and charming. She and Sally had a great time and were so cute together.

New York Public Library – Librarians at the library!
It is remarkable that Brandi and I have each taught second grade and then become librarians. Brandi is the librarian at the school (Perry Elementary) where I taught her second grade many years ago. Unbelievable! It is obvious that Brandi is an excellent teacher. She is so caring, patient, and great with technology.

Battery Park
We had to wait in a long line to get on the ferry to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, but it didn’t matter to us. We had fun joking and listening to the sitar player who entertained the crowd.

Back side of the Statue of Liberty
Most of our pictures of the Statue of Liberty were of Lady Liberty’s lovely face. Then we walked around to the back. Jaedin and Sally decided to pose like Lady Liberty and it was so cute, we all joined in.

Ellis Island
We are standing on the balcony above the Great Hall at Ellis Island. What a fantastic way to experience America’s past! The exhibits were very informative and gave a true sense of what immigrants must have felt upon entering the United States.

Balthazar in Soho
After spending three glorious days together, it was hard to know that our time together was coming to a close. We have vowed to meet for lunch regularly after we get home.

In the Discovery Museum at Times Square, we saw this wonderful sign. It describes our trip perfectly!
It was so much fun to spend time bonding with Brandi and Jaedin. They are so kind and fun-loving. The four of us got along famously and had a wonderful time together. WhitePages.com: thank you again for this unforgettable experience.