Rain or shine, we mini golf.

whitepages golf[1]

Take a group of twenty WhitePages interns, their mentors, and managers to a mini golf course then tell them there are prizes. Odds are you’ll come out of the round thinking mini golf was an Olympic sport.

Did your team putt the best overall score? Congratulations, bronze medals and prizes for all!

Did you putt a hole-in-one? Even if it was a fluke, silver medal for you! Here is a gift card.

Did you putt the lowest score out of everyone? Congratulations, you are a gold medalist on the top of the podium. Here is another gift card.

On the first social intern event of the summer, the team went to Interbay Golf Course to play a round and enjoy our time out of the office. We managed to dodge the rain, played through some soggy greens, and even managed to hit a few holes-in-one. Shout outs to Jeff, Katherine, Byron, and Graeme for sinking those putts with one stroke!

When the rounds were over, we headed inside for dinner and awards. Although the competition was fierce, there was a team who stood above the rest. Congratulations Team Number One! As it so happens, they also had our overall best golfer with a round total of 48; that’s only 8 over par.

We’ve enjoyed having our summer interns and it was a great way to interact outside the office. Up next on the intern social calendar is our afternoon playing Whirlyball in August. We can’t wait!

Whistler While You Work


ziptrekDo you remember the “dot-com era”? When companies took time to appreciate their employees? When an entire company took a trip to celebrate the past year, while looking forward to the next? Here at WhitePages, we remember. In fact, we are still living it.

This past weekend the entire WhitePages team (plus families) took a trip up to Whistler B.C, Canada for a weekend of work and fun. It started out on Thursday with the arrival of the New York team and two busloads full of the Seattle team. A dinner welcomed everyone and jump started the weekend so when the final bus from Seattle arrived Thursday night, the whole team was really ready to get the party started!

Friday was packed full of productive meetings with many discussions focused around strategy for the  forthcoming year which resulted in some innovative and actionable ideas. After a hard day of work, the team got a chance to kick back and enjoy each other’s company at a cocktail reception that was followed by dinner and a holiday party at the Garibaldi Lift Co. where the #1 band in Whistler, The Hairfarmers, took the stage. It was a great way to celebrate our long day (and year!) of productivity.

work.blogOnce the “work” was over, everyone was given the opportunity to enjoy all that Whistler has to offer including a trip to the Scandinavian Spa, a Zip Trek tour, skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. The weather was perfect and these activities were a nice way to reward everyone for all their hard work this past year!

Although it was hard to go, everyone left the weekend feeling rejuvenated and motivated to make this year even better than the last! As we were checking out of the hotel, the manager remarked “I’ve not had a group like you guys come through a hotel like this since the 80’s. It really felt like you were a family.” This trip was only the start to what we know will be a very successful 2013 here at WhitePages!



WhitePages Neighbors & NNO team up for a second year

Screen shot 2012-05-30 at 9.54.44 AM

We are very happy to announce that for the second year in a row Whitepages Neighbors is the block party invite and RSVP technology of choice for millions of Americans participating in National Night Out (NNO) 2012. The WhitePages Neighbors solution provides NNO neighborhood organizers with online access to household contact information for 90 percent of their neighbors and the ability to mail them personalized Block Party invites through the U.S. Postal Service for free within a few clicks.

For the past 29 years NNO organizers have dedicated countless hours towards organizing their neighborhood’s annual block party because they are passionate about fostering community spirit and taking a stand against crime. For this reason, we are honored our service is able to make their summer a little easier.

“By putting neighbor’s accurate contact information within reach with so little effort, WhitePages not only helps organizers pull off one amazing night, but also makes it easier for neighbors to connect all year — whether for emergency or good old fashion fun,” said Matt Peskin, creator of National Night Out.

To use “Neighbors,” site visitors go to http://neighbors.whitepages.com and enter their own address and the results will populate with the name, address, phone number, etc. of their immediate neighbors.

Hello, My Name is Cheeseburger


Food has been so ingrained in American culture that we’ve literally started naming our children after our favorite dishes. Take, for example, the four people in the US with the first name Broccoli – can you image how deeply in love a person needs to be with the green vegetable to name their child after a word that literally means the “flowering top of a cabbage”? Broccolis are not alone – the list of food names is lengthy – and we’ve compiled the best of them to commemorate this month’s National Food Holidays: National Chocolate Milkshake Day (Sep. 12th), National Apple Dumpling Day (Sep. 17th), National Cheeseburger Day (Sep. 18th), National Butterscotch Pudding Day (Sep. 19th) and National Pancake Day (Sep. 26th).

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Most Popular Birthstone Names


Welcome to September! The month of Fall, Emergency Preparedness, Ovarian Cancer Awareness, the new school year and the prized sapphire gem. This year, the sapphire has received far more than its fair share of recognition due to the royal wedding. In fact, on this fine September 1st day, the sapphire is all we can really think about. More specifically, what a beautiful name ‘Sapphire’ would be. Of course, being WhitePages, we got curious and tapped into names.whitepages.com to determine just how popular the name is compared to other birthstone names. Here’s what we came up with –

Sadly for the stone aquamarine, no one wants to name their child ‘Aquamarine’. Understandable. But only 176 people are named ‘Sapphire’? Surely that number should be much higher, so all you folks out there expecting a child in the month of September, why not name them after this gorgeous gem?