Carte du Jour: WhitePages App Gets Menus!



WhitePages for iPhone and iPad received a fantastic update today!

Back in May, we released a bunch of great features like the ability to find shops, spas and restaurants around your location—perfect for when you’re out and about and need a little help deciding where to go. With over 200 million residential & business listings in over 80,000 neighborhoods, you’re always covered whether you’re in your own back yard or someplace entirely new.

Now, it’s even easier to find what you’re looking for with WhitePages on iOS. Hundreds of thousands of menus for some of the best restaurants, spas and more in your city are now available on your phone—just a couple taps away.

It’s cold out there, so fire up WhitePages for your iPhone and/or iPad, and find a place around you serving some hot soup.

The Revolutionized WhitePages App for iOS


Since we launched our first ever mobile app in the summer of 2008, we’ve worked tirelessly to create an amazing experience for you to find people and businesses while away from a desktop.

We’re rewarded every day with our 4+ star ratings, reviews like Alvin T’s “This App is truly awesome, I love it!!!!”, and our flagship iPhone app is consistently a Top 10 in Reference.

We’ve come a long way since our first app. We’ve put out a lot of updates for that flagship app over the years, including identifying mobile numbers, Store Locator, and an iPad version. But today is the day we get to announce the biggest update to the acclaimed app: Version 2.0!

This new app keeps all of your favorite features (People, Business, Store Locator, Reverse Phone), but we’ve added several brand new, impressively useful, features.

·         Nearby People is one of our most exciting features.  This lets you discover people nearby where you are, to get in touch with your neighbors,  add them to your address book and so much more. It’s one of the most useful features I’ve come across in a long time.

·         Nearby Stores  gives you the ability to find great businesses near anything — your friend’s house, where you are, or where you’re going – with top categories that put most stores a tap or two away.

·         Sharing is a new feature that our developers worked hard to make insanely convenient, giving you the ability to share any meeting place or destination via Facebook, Twitter, email or text.   Choose your friends and post directly to their wall or tag them with a tweet, all without leaving the WhitePages app.  This a huge time saver – it doesn’t matter how you share it, or what the recipient uses, they’ll be able to see it!

·         Reverse Address has been the #1 request from our iPhone and iPad users to date, and it’s now available in V2!    We just added a boat load of new data, so we’ve gone ahead and added the ability to do reverse address lookups while out and about.

We’ve highlighted the features in the video below.


Let us know what you use our app most for in the comments below!




WhitePages Mobile Milestone: 15 Million Downloads!


It was just earlier this year when we announced our 10 millionth download, and just this past May when we reached 11 million, so I was thrilled when reviewing that just this week, we reached:

2011 was a big mobile year for us, here at WhitePages. Outside of the panel talks, the records and the accolades, we launched 5 new apps (soon to be 6)  and published significant updates to our classic iPhone/iPad app, Android’s CallerID app and our WhitePages mobile site. So while we’ve been busy creating and improving a dozen mobile services, folks like you have been busy downloading apps , accessing the mobile web and pushing the mobile world to its limits.

15 MILLION downloads is no small number, especially considering 4 million came in the last 6 months. Our team is very excited about this milestone, but even more excited for what this tremendous growth means for the (very near) future of the mobile industry as a whole.

I can personally say that being a part of the mobile world for the last 7 years, I’ve been waiting for the year that would truly be “Mobile’s Year.” I think, finally, we have arrived. We’d like to thank you for helping us reach this milestone, and we’re already busy getting ready to hit several more in 2012, but for that, we know we need your help.

What do you want to see from your mobile device?

From the Rockies to the Willamette, DealPop Arrives in Denver and Portland


Another big day has arrived here at DealPop, the social buying service of WhitePages. We’re very happy that two great, west of the of the Mississipi cities have welcomed us: Portland and Denver!

First up is our neighbor to the south, Portland, Oregon:

It’s a pretty obvious choice for us here in Sunny Seattle to open up a market in Portland. Many of us at the office hop on the Amtrak for a weekend get-away in Stumptown—I even lived there for a short period. From the oh-so-delicious coffee to the masses of food carts to some of the best indie rock bands in the Pacific Northwest—Portland is an amazing town.

I recall once reading that the founders of Portland, Oregon were from Boston (Asa Lovejoy) and Portland, Maine (Francis Pettygrove) and had flipped a coin to decide which name to bestow upon the town on the Willamette. Pettygrove won with two out of three tosses and the penny is on display at the headquarters of the Oregon Historical Society, but DealPop didn’t need to flip a coin before asking if we could become part of the Rose City.

Next up is the hub of Denver, Colorado:

Perfectly situated between the Pacific Coast and the Great Plains, the mile-high city offers everything directly under the sun. The day and night life in Denver is vibrant, to say the least. I, personally, am a big fan of being able to order up some tamales at 2 am.

There are so many amazing things about Denver, I’m hard pressed to edit this post down: amazing Southwest cuisine, micro-brews, great outdoor adventuring, and the Broncos—it’s an explosion of possibilities and we’re really excited to arrive in Denver and discover even more incredible things to do, see and eat!

Get ready for even more great American cities for DealPop to become a part of in the coming months. In the meanwhile, spread the word and tell us, have you ever been to Portland or Denver? What’d you love?

DealPop Launches in Boston & Expands SF South Bay Footprint


WhitePages’ social buying site DealPop has big plans for 2011 (see Su’s post on our New Year’s Resolutions). While we’ve been rolling out some crazy cool features, we’ve also been putting together a plan to bring DealPop to new cities.

First up is the great city of Boston.

DealPop + Boston = Love

We know folks love using DealPop to find the neighborhood café of their dreams, the perfect restaurant for their upcoming date, or the opportunity to try something totally new—like skydiving. The City on the Hill is a treasure-trove of smart, savvy folks with cool, new technology, innumerable blogs, and a propensity for living life to the fullest. Couple that with the fantastic local businesses and it was made abundantly clear Boston and DealPop were a match made in heaven.

With an over 400 year history of being a hotspot of awesome, we’re super excited to be a part of Boston– as I’m writing this, a day before we launch, we’re already feeling the love of Beantown.

Today is also the day we re-launch the San Francisco Peninsula.

We’ve expanded the number of cities we’re crafting offers in and can now be found from Burlingame to San Jose to Fremont and all stops in-between, now reaching over 2 million happy people. To mirror this expansion, we’ve renamed the market “SF South Bay” and are excited about all the new offers we have queued up in the area.

February may be the shortest month in the entire Gregorian calendar, but here at DealPop we still go big! Get ready for even more expansion as the year unfolds—the only question is “Which fantastic city is next?”

Which city do you want to see DealPop arrive in this year?