WhitePages for Android has a whole new look


Today, the WhitePages app for Android got a major facelift. Version 2.6 of our flagship Android app sports a completely revamped user interface with a sleeker, cleaner design.

Some other features of this version include improved nearby search for business locations, increased storage for saved searches and WhitePages account integration so you can easily manage your WhitePages listing.

You can download this app at the Google Play store.


Find Everything Nearby with the New WhitePages for Android


I am excited to announce that today we have launched a completely revamped WhitePages app for our Android users! The new WhitePages for Android builds on the recent success of WhitePages’ Current Caller ID app, which combines social updates with call and text ID and has attracted over one million users since launching in August. The two companion apps integrate seamlessly to enable WhitePages people, business and phone number search directly from Current Caller ID.

Of course the app is also very powerful on its own, especially with the new enhancements. The new app still includes all of your old favorite features (People, Business, Store Locator, Reverse Phone, Reverse Address), but adds brand new functionality that lets users find anything and everything nearby where they are located or where they might be headed. For example:

  • Nearby People lets you discover people nearby where you are, to get to know who your neighbors are and get in touch with them, add them to your address book and so much more.
  • Nearby Stores gives you the ability to explore and find businesses nearby whether it be your friend’s house, where you are or even if you are traveling to a completely new city – in over 30 popular categories across 80,000 neighborhoods.

The improved sharing experience gives you the ability to share any destination via Facebook, Twitter, email or text and more.  You can choose your friends and post directly to their wall or tag them with a tweet.

In addition to the above features, we’ve included several other enhancements that you’ll like:

  • Lookup Recent Callers: we now pull in the list of unidentified numbers from your call history so reverse phone search of unknown numbers is now a tap away, no tedious copy and paste needed.
  • Restaurant & Spa Menus: businesses now have menus which you can use to explore just the right spa or restaurant you’d like to visit next.
  • Monthly Subscriptions: if you are a heavy reverse phone search user, you now have an option to purchase a monthly subscription of the service at one low cost.

Checkout out the video to get a preview of the app and download it now for FREE!

Meet the Newest Member of our Growing Android Family!


Today, as part of the WhitePages mobile team, I am excited to announce the newest addition to our suite of Android apps! We’ve made dramatic improvements to our data, interface and search integrations and now offer a stronger, stand-alone WhitePages app—and boy is this thing fast!

This app is loaded with popular WhitePages mobile features including:

  • Mobile People Search: Get access to over 200 million people listings – that’s over 90 percent of the US population.
  • Location Aware Store Locator: Popular stores in top categories are automatically suggested based on device location.
  • Local Business Search:  Geo based business search with enhanced listing information including websites, hours of operation, reviews and photos for businesses by name or by category.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Find a name for an unknown number. When you do a reverse phone lookup and if the searched number is a cell phone or unpublished listing, you have an option to do a premium search for $1.99.
  • Save to Contacts: Add the name, address and number from any WhitePages listing to your Android phone contacts with just one tap.

In addition to the popular features, here are some additional cool enhancements that we have made to make this app truly unique:

    • Share: In addition to sharing listings via email and text message, you can now share on Facebook, Twitter and more.
    • Improved search experience: You can now initiate a call directly from the search results page. Also, use expandable maps to find addresses and get directions.
    • Quick Search Box: Frequent searches are now just a tap away from the phone’s home screen without launching the app.

Give it a try and let us know what you think. Just click here to download it now!

WhitePages Meets Mango!

WhitePages on Mango - Live Tiles.

Today, I am excited to announce that we have released an update to the WhitePages app with cool new features that exploit the capabilities of Mango, the much-anticipated update to Windows 7!

WhitePages on Mango - Live Tiles.

The app is now deeply integrated into the device experience with some of these exciting changes that include:

  • Live Tiles: The WhitePages app tile is updated with a rotation of the nearest business in popular categories like restaurants, fast food, cafes, department stores and more based on the device location.
  • Multitasking: The app now supports multitasking which enables you to come back to the previous state of the app and resume from where you left off for quick access.
  • Shortcuts and Pins: See a restaurant that catches your eye while searching for a cuisine but would like to go there for dinner some other day? Now you can pin the page to the home screen for quick reference later. You can also add shortcuts to your favorite search type, results or listing view.
  • App Connect: One of the features that differentiates Windows Mobile is the approach that they have taken to apps with App Connect. The WhitePages app now utilizes this feature and allows seamless integration with Bing search where users who search the web on Windows Phone can launch the WhitePages application directly from Bing search results.

Here are some additional upgrades to the app that are also worth calling out:

  • Auto Complete Suggestions: Time saving feature that suggests common searches as you type.
  • Full Contact Save Capability: Earlier versions of the app would only save limited listing data to the Address book due to the limitations of the OS. Now you can save full listing data such as name, phone number, address, and website link to your address book.
  • Directions and Bing Map Controls: One click access to pan, zoom etc. are now available from within the app.

Give it a try now by downloading or upgrading the app for free in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Let us know how you like it!