How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics on an Ad Supported Site


The following is an excerpt from a guest post on B2C Community by Matt Magnuson, the WhitePages Sr. Traffic and Ad Revenue Analyst.

gaGoogle Analytics is a fantastic tool. It allows you to get great insights, not only about your site traffic, but also about your users. It also has some really nice monetization monitoring right out of the box…assuming you’re an ecommerce site. But what if you’re not ecommerce focused? What if your site is monetized through ads or sponsorships? That’s a question we’ve had to answer here at WhitePages, and I believe we’ve come up with some great best practices.

Our primary means of monetization are two fold: through our endemic partners, and traditional display ads. Both of these are currently being served through Doubleclick for Publishers, or DFP. DFP, Google Analytics and DFA (Doubleclick for Advertisers) are all owned by Google. Unfortunately, however, only DFA and GA are able to communicate with each other, which leaves Publishers without an easy solution to tie together site traffic with revenue.

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