New! Spam Score for Whitepages Current Caller ID

current_spam_screen (2)

We’ve got exciting news about our Android app Whitepages Current Caller ID. Say hello to our latest feature, Spam Score.

Here’s how it works. When an incoming call is suspected spam, users will be notified immediately. Then when they open the app, they will see important tidbits like the spam level based on a score of 0-10, the amount of spam reports made on the number in the last 90 days, and comments written by other Whitepages users. In addition to that, we’re also empowering Whitepages Caller ID users to warn other members of the community by leaving their own spam reports on numbers that turn out to be scammers or fraudsters. It’s an easy-to-use system that helps build a community of people who care about personal privacy and want to do a good deed in the process.

At Whitepages, we worked hard to develop the most advanced spam identification system in the market. Whitepages Caller ID offers real-time analysis on billions of calls, texts and phone lookups from all of Whitepages’ 50 million users. Along with Spam Score, Whitepages Caller ID also blocks unwanted numbers from calling your Android. It’s just another way that Whitepages helps you maintain your privacy.

And in today’s world, features that put privacy back in the hands of users are more important than ever. Recent data from Whitepages Caller ID shows that approximately one out of three unknown calls are a suspected spammer. Whether that’s a marketing or sales call, or something more pervasive like the scams that emerged earlier this year, such as “One Ring,” “Grandparent’s Scam,” and the most recent “IRS Phone Scam.” By offering another layer of information on incoming calls, Whitepages Caller ID protects users and lets them know about potential spam before they take the call—and that’s something we feel pretty good about.

Check out the latest release of Whitepages Caller ID in the Google Play Store and read more about it in PandoDaily.


Mr. Number Even More Useful for Call Blocking? You Betcha!

Mr. Number call blocking

Today, WhitePages released a new version of  Mr. Number, and added a new feature to the popular call & text blocking and spam identification Android app.

The newest release of Mr. Number gives users even more insight and control–by automatically adding names for recent callers or texters not already in your address book or identified as spam. With the newest release, up to 10 unidentified phone numbers in your call and text log will automatically be identified for free

Mr. Number call blocking

The new feature uses WhitePages powerful directory of over 200 million names to identify recent unidentified callers and texters in your call and text logs and displays them under “recent activity”.  This provides instant information about who called, so the you can decide whether to block that person from future communication.

In addition to the automatic free lookups upon download, new users receive 20 free lookup credits that they can use to manually look up numbers anytime in the future.  You can purchase an additional 20 lookups for $.99 from Google Play when your free lookups are used up. 

Existing users can upgrade to the newest release, and new users can download the app in the Google Play Store.


WhitePages Current Caller ID is now the ultimate app for mobile communication

current44 v2

Today I am excited to announce the newest release of WhitePages Current Caller ID in the Google Play Store. WhitePages Current Caller ID provides rich call and text ID with real-time social status updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as well as local information about a caller’s location. The newest version of WhitePages Current adds a smart contacts tab that updates in real-time with names, addresses and more information about a user’s contacts, including newly identified calls and texts.

WhitePages Current solves a real problem for people who don’t take time to manage or save new contacts to their phonebook. For example, you receive a phone call from someone not in your address book. You answer the call with some hesitation because you don’t know who the call is from, but are happy to find out it’s an old friend. The next week, when you want to call or text her again, you don’t know which number to choose from your call log because you forgot to save it to your contacts.

That is where WhitePages Current comes in. Not only is the call immediately identified before you answer, the smart contacts tab in the app updates in real-time with the caller’s name and address. If you want to call your friend again, just search your Current contacts tab and there she is – like magic.

current44 v2

The newest version of WhitePages Current also has an expanded contact search so you can find everyone’s contact info easily with a single search across your networks and WhitePages. You can search contacts to find people from your phonebook and from identified calls and texts. If a telephone number for a contact is not found, you can view social contact profiles from Facebook and LinkedIn to obtain contact information or send a message. You can also find contact info for people and businesses outside your network, by searching WhitePages directory of over 200 million people and business.

WhitePages Current makes it easy to be a better communicator. Since launching in 2012, Current has helped users with more 16 billion calls and texts.

Please download the newest version of WhitePages Current Caller ID from the Google Play Store today, and let me know how you like it.

New updates to Current Caller ID

current4 3

5 billion! That is a lot of anything. But in this case, that is the number of calls and texts made by WhitePages Current Caller ID Android users to date. And of all calls, 56% of them are calls that Current users make, compared to the 44% they receive. So to make that outgoing call experience even better, we have added some cool new features to the next version released today. Here’s a brief overview.

Outgoing caller ID
Current Caller ID now automatically displays your contact’s latest social status, local news and weather while you are making the outgoing call to keep you up to date before you chat. Current also matches a name to a number you have dialed, so you next time you need to call that person or business, you can open the Current app and quickly make that same call without having to lookup the number again, or remember which number it was. Current’s powerful caller ID capability is provided by WhitePages’ directory of over 300 million people and businesses – all for free.

Customized alerts
We know Android users love to customize, and Current users are the same. So, now you have the option to choose the size and content of your Caller ID notification, including the contact’s name, location and photo, as well as their most recent social media status on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, plus local weather, time and the details on your last communication. If you are minimalist and choose to show just the name and location, you can select where you want the caller ID notification to appear on your phone screen. Top, middle, or bottom.

current4 3

We’ve also added more Facebook content such as tagged pictures, and you can like a Facebook post directly from the Current Caller ID app and it will appear on a friend’s Facebook news feed.

We’re excited to get feedback on the new features. Please let me know what you think, or drop a note to Our product team is always reviewing customer emails for new ideas, requests, or how to make the app better!

Download Current

Current Caller ID – Now Adds Call & Text Blocking


WhitePages Current Caller ID, since it’s launch is August 2012, has helped millions of people identify over 3 billion calls and texts, and stay up to date with people most important to them with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter feeds, plus local news and weather.

Current users are very engaged, and provide us a lot of positive feedback and suggestions on how to make Current even better. That is why I’m excited to launch an upgrade with the number one request from users – call & text blocking. Now Current lets you take control over who can contact you on your mobile phone.

Call and Text Blocking: How it Works


Let’s say that a telemarketer calls you several times a week. Instead of hearing your phone ring, scrambling to see who it is, and thinking “not again” (or worse) when you see it’s a telemarketer, you can add that number to your block list with a simple tap and never be bothered again. The next time the telemarketer calls, they will go directly to voicemail or will be dropped altogether – depending on your settings preference.

Blocking works for texts too. Blocked texts will not appear in your phone’s text inbox or notify you, but will go discreetly into the Current app with a silent notification. Then, when you launch Current you can review the content of the text or automatically have it deleted. Think about that surprise party you are planning for your spouse. Now you can secretly plan without your spouse suspiciously noticing that you are receiving texts from her best friend.

So upgrade Current to version 4.2.1 today through Google Play, or download it if you haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. And please let us know how you use WhitePages Current, the all-in-one app with Call ID, Text ID, Social Feeds, News & Weather and now Blocking!