Obliteride and Whitepages: Raising Money for Cancer Research

Over the weekend, our CEO Rob and Seattle Office Manager Lauren rode in Obliteride, a cycling event run by Seattle’s world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (aka “The Hutch”) to raise money for cancer research.  Whitepages supports community involvement in many ways. For this particular event, Rob and Lauren were sponsored by numerous Whitepagers, and our 1-for-1 matching gift program really gave them and their chosen charity a boost.  We wanted to publish our CEO’s thank you letter to his sponsors below.

All of you Obliteride sponsors out there: I’m writing on Sunday night after pounding out 100 miles today (my Garmin watch actually indicated 103.5 miles on the course!). I wanted to get this note out before I collapse into bed.

With all of your help, I was able to raise $2,980 to fight cancer. And my Whitepages partner in crime, Lauren, raised $1,296. AWESOME! We really appreciate all the support, especially from so many of you on the Whitepages team. I also know that many of you knew my dad, who passed away after a two year battle with cancer in March. Thank you for supporting this opportunity for me to ride for him.

We rode with 29 others on Team Skanska today, captained by veteran cyclist and Obliterider Kevin. Most importantly, our team was the FIFTH LARGEST fund raiser, bringing in a total of $61,477 for cancer research!

A few of highlights of the race:

  • Six of us on the team settled into a pace out after clearing the mob of riders at the 7:30 AM start.
  • The ride started south to the southern end of Lake Washington, then through Renton and onto the Cedar River Trail. We were in light rain and 62 degrees, eating a lot of road grit from the riders in front of us since no one had fenders. At the mile 30 rest stop, teammate Matt had to wipe his glasses completely since he could no longer see out of them due to dirt.
  • The lowest ebb of my ride was between mile markers 50 and 65. Twice, Kevin circled back, put me 3 inches off his rear wheel, and pulled me along in his slip stream, plowing air so I could get some energy back in my thighs. If anyone asks me what I saw down in the area around Black Diamond, I only saw one thing: Kevin’s rear wheel.
  • The best part of the ride was between mile markers 70 and 80, where we had an 8-mile straight stretch coming back on the Cedar River Trail. The six of us were bunched in tight two-abreast with Kevin and another strong rider, Christian, taking the wind, clocking 22-23 mph for the whole stretch. The raw energy was palpable. And for a time there with the whole team pulling, I could feel my dad on my shoulder.
  • The picture above is at the final rest stop at mile 90, Kevin to my left. Two of the guys, Brent and Matt, with whom I also swim in the mornings, waited for me a couple of times on the final stretch when I didn’t have the pull to keep up, and we rode across the finish into Gasworks Park together.

The Elysian beer tasted mighty good after 7 hours and 42 minutes in the saddle, minus roughly 5 rest stops of 10 minutes each. Obliteride knows how to throw a party — both on Friday night for check-in and at the finish today. Bands playing, great food, great company. Below is a photo of Lauren and me at the finish today. Lauren was a 50-miler and hence was in much earlier, with time to freshen up!


For more information on Obliteride or how you can support cancer research, visit their Donation Page.

#TeamWP: Intern Edition – Meet Mimy!

Mimy Mersha is a Summer Intern with the Customer Care Team. Mimy’s responsibilities include organizing our customer interview and survey data, analyzing the user experience, and providing product feedback based on those findings. She was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and raised in Seattle, WA. She is currently a Finance Major at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management.

Read about Mimy’s journey to discovering her career path and her internship with Whitepages.


At Boston College, I provide free consulting services to start-ups through Consult Your Community, as well as work to empower women through the club Women in Business. Though almost everything I currently am involved in relates to Business, the path to Business School was a complete accident. As a tired and nervous senior in high school, I did not read all fifteen of my college applications as closely as I should have, and this is how I accidentally became a Pre-law Finance Major. At the time, I did not know what I wanted to do, so I took this as a sign and decided not to change my major or my post-graduate path.

Right after high school, I joined Microsoft as a Finance Intern on the Americas Team. (At this point I did not even really know what Finance was, but I knew I wanted to learn.) I stepped onto their campus optimistic, but also anxious. My tasks included compiling client bank information, and creating Excel and PowerPoint slides. When I had some moments of free time I scheduled meetings with employees in different departments, strengthening my networking skills and learning more about the company. I grew tremendously at Microsoft, but I didn’t feel like I was really helping the organization overall. It made me feel as if Business might have been the wrong career path for me. I was so excited that I had gotten an internship, that I did not consider what I wanted out of the experience, and if that specific finance internship would meet those needs.

After a year of business school, I felt I was prepared to try another internship. This time I wanted a great internship opportunity that would get me excited about my future. I chose Whitepages partly because it is a smaller company and they would need every member of their team to do a significant amount of work, including their interns. It is very important to me that I am of use to the company that I intern with. I also chose Whitepages because I love the energy of the company! I enjoy that there is a great emphasis on collaboration. Everyone seemed to be passionate about the work that they were doing and wanted to partner with others to make the best product for the customer. This was the type of company that I dreamed of interning for!

While working at Whitepages this summer, I have found that all my previously held beliefs about the company are true. There were moments during my internship where I felt like I had failed, but in these moments I was supported by many co-workers who were eager to help. It has been a pleasure to see employees who are incredibly invested in the success of the company, not just because it is their job, but because they genuinely feel attached to Whitepages, and as a result, they are willing to go above and beyond to ensure the company does well. My extraordinary co-workers have taught me a lot about work ethic and consistency, as well as a lesson in not taking myself too seriously.

Whitepages has been a great place to grow! I hope to see this company continue to succeed!


Mimy (far right) with some of our awesome 2017 Summer Interns!


Are you interested in joining Whitepages and becoming a member of our world-class team? View our job openings here!

#TeamWP: Intern Edition – Meet Sierra!

Sierra Brandenburg, our part-time Pro Marketing Intern brought her marketing and program management experience from Underdog Sports Leagues and the Russell Wilson Passing Academy to Whitepages. Fun fact about Sierra is that she started intramural Spikeball at her university.

Here is what Sierra had to share about her two-month internship at Whitepages. 

This fall I will be a junior at the University of Washington studying economics. My previous job experience has always involved sportscoaching soccer (8 years), working at a golf course, and most recently working at the Russell Wilson Passing Academy/Why Not You Foundation. My comfort zone was sports, so Whitepages was definitely something new for me.

I joined the Whitepages Pro Marketing Team as an intern in April. My time was spent doing marketing research on website design, improving SEO and evaluating trends. I also helped retrieve addresses from prospective customers for a direct mail project to ensure that the cards reached the appropriate people. I organized various spreadsheets including a list consisting of the top online retail stores. My latest project was working on updating product information on the website through WordPress. This was my favorite project because I got to work on the backend of the website and see the code and how to make changes.

Throughout this internship, I learned that working with a team is always better than tackling something individually. Knowing you can lean on others for questions and help always opens the door for new knowledge. I learned that my experience in sports—teamwork, adaptability, and diligence—has relevance in a professional career. I could not have asked for a better first corporate experience, and I will always value my time here at Whitepages and the amazing people I met.

The Pro Marketing Team and their Interns tackle the Escape Room!


Are you interested in joining Whitepages and becoming a member of our world-class team? View our job openings here!

Whitepages: Best Place to Work!



Susan Fincher, Sr. HR Manager has worked in our Human Resources Department for over twelve years. She has seen many changes throughout her time at Whitepages and is a true pioneer in instilling the values of our company. Below is her reaction to seeing Whitepages named a Best Place to Work in the State of Washington for 2017.

I’d like to say that I was pleasantly surprised, but truth be told, I wasn’t surprised at all when we were honored as a Top 100 Best Place to Work in Washington State, by Seattle Business Magazine – for the SEVENTH year in a row!

In the years that I’ve been at Whitepages, employees have always been top of mind. Our leadership team, though it has changed over the years, has always been acutely aware of the impact (both negative and positive) employees can have on the success of an organization. This awareness has led to nurturing a culture that attracts and retains smart, capable and driven individuals that all have something unique to contribute to the team.

At Whitepages we show appreciation to our employees through the usual avenues – free food, beverages, an amazing office space, access to the latest technology, and great benefits – but the collaboration, communication and drive to achieve a common goal is the true HEART of our culture and our success.

Business is very much like team sports: you must have a team that is comprised of a complementary set of skills to succeed. You must also have a game plan and clear communication on what that game plan is. Then you let your team of experts execute, as only they can. Now, our leadership team does an amazing job of communicating our game plan, but that in itself isn’t enough to ensure success. You must also be willing to change that plan and adjust to what is actually happening around you. This is where Whitepages excels, not only from a leadership but also a team perspective.

So, here’s to another 7+ years of well-deserved recognition as a Best Place to Work in Washington.

Cheers Whitepages!









Below are some photos from the 100 Best Companies to Work For dinner gala / bash the evening of June 22nd at the Washington State Convention Center. Our Employees had a blast!


Celebrating Pride with Pridepages!

Whitepages, Inc. prides itself on being an equal-opportunity, diverse employer, welcoming ALL to our exceptional team! In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to highlight our affinity group: PRIDEPAGES!

Create and sustain a diverse and welcoming
environment for LGBTQ Individuals/Allies
within Whitepages and the greater tech
community through events and outreach.

Pridepages, our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and their Allies affinity group at Whitepages, hosted the third-annual Pridepages Happy Hour this past Friday, June 16, in the Great Room of our Seattle Office. We played several games of bingo, hosted by local drag queen Kimber Lee, for chances at colorful Pride prizes. There was a beautiful array of homemade rainbow cupcakes, rainbow Jell-O shots, and other scrumptious treats. We also collected donations for Lifelong, which provides important care services for people living with HIV or AIDS in the Seattle area.

A big Thank You to Brandon Dilbeck for leading the event and capturing some excellent photos! Click through the photo gallery below to check out the fun celebration!

Read more about our previous Pride involvement with the Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA), who we actively sponsor, in this archive blog: http://blog.whitepages.com/whitepages-celebrates-lgbtq-pride-month/

For more information on Pride Events in the Seattle Area: http://seattlepride.org/

For more information on Pride Events in the New York City Area: https://www.nycpride.org/events/

There are even Pride Events near our international office in Budapest! They will be celebrating on July 7. Learn more about Budapest Pride!