5 Reasons Why You Don't Need Phone Books

Ok, so here’s the deal. For as long as I can remember, Phone Books have been more of a doorstop than anything. Yeah, they were good for the occasional late night cab ride or pizza delivery, but 2-8 inches of impossible-to-rip pages just never made any sense to me.

Since I’ve been at WhitePages, I’ve heard from a number of customers, employees, clients, etc. that Phone Books really shouldn’t exist. The advent of the internet along with easy access to information has made the traditional Phone Book obsolete…at least for most of us. In fact, a number our users actually confuse WhitePages.com with the phonebook (go figure) and are asking us to opt them out of receiving mail delivered books. Hmmm…..there’s an idea!

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WhitePages Launches New Corporate Site!

Last week, we launched a new version of our Corporate Website. In addition to linking to this blog, this site highlights job and advertising opportunities, provides visitors with information on the company and calls out what the media is saying about us from time to time. This launch also represents the first time that we’ve introduced our new brand to the public. I won’t go into too many details just yet, but WhitePages is going through a sizable brand repositioning effort…and we’re expecting some pretty big things to happen over the next year!

There are too many great improvements to mention in this post, so I’ve called out a few below.

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