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We’ve been officially swept up in Oscar frenzy, and today unveiled some factoids around the names of the 10 Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar Nominees, including how many others in the U.S. share those names. Based on data from, Amy Adams has the most popular name, while Leonardo DiCaprio, Chieweld Eiofer, Judi Dench, Cate Blanchett and Meryl Streep are true originals.

It is the time of year to enjoy all things celebrity, so we wanted to look at how many other Americans these nominees share a name with. We were surprised to see there were more true originals on this list of ten than was expected.

Watch Kathie Lee & Hoda on the Today Show discuss our findings:

Best Actor Nominees:

Christian Bale

  • 3 people in the U.S. share the name of the “American Hustle” actor
  • 152,856 have the name Christian
  • Utah has the most Christians per capita, peaking in 1996
  • 4% of the people with the name Christian are girls
  • Christian is making a comeback with kids: 64% of people with this name are age 12 and under

Bruce Dern

  • 4 people in the U.S. share the name of the star of “Nebraska”
  • 476,261 people are named Bruce
  • Maine has the most people per capita with the name Bruce, which peaked in 1951 in popularity

Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Mr. DiCaprio is the one and only “Wolf of Wall Street”, according to the Names database, but 36,266 people in the U.S. are named Leonardo, with the name peaking in popularity in 2010
  • Florida has the most Leonardos per capita
  • 73% of the people with this name are age 12 and under, pointing to the fact that Mr. DiCaprio may be influencing parents’ name choice

Chiweld Ejofer

  • Uniquely named – the British star of “Twelve Years a Slave” is the only person in the U.S. with this name

Matthew McConaughey

  • 9 people have the same name as the “Dallas Buyer’s Club” star
  • 1,212,032 people in the U.S. are named Matthew
  • Massachusetts has the most people with per capita named Matthew, which peaked in 1983
  • Over one-fourth of people named Matthew are age 12 and under


Best Actress Nominees:

Amy Adams

  • 1,885 people share the name of this “American Hustle” star
  • 1,018,401 people are named Amy, with Iowa boasting the most Amys per capita
  • The name Amy peaked in popularity in 1975

Cate Blanchett

  • The Australian star of “Blue Jasmine” does not share her name with anyone in the U.S.
  • There are 6,289 people in the U.S. who share the name Cate, with the most living in New Hampshire

Sandra Bullock

  • There are 209 people who have the same name as the “Gravity” star, with the most living in North Carolina
  • 1,208,597 people are named Sandra in the U.S.
  • The name peaked in popularity in 1946, and West Virginia boasts the most people per capita with this name

Judi Dench

  • No one in the U.S. shares Dame Judi Dench’s name
  • 20,765 people in the U.S. share the” Philomena” star’s first name with Wyoming boasting the most per capita.
  • The name Judi peaked in popularity in 1945

Meryl Streep

  • The “August: Osage County” star is peerless when it comes to sharing a name
  • And while Ms. Streep was born Mary Louise Streep, the name Meryl is relatively new on the scene, compared to the name lineage of others on this list
  • Peaking in 1956, 6,854 people in the U.S. are named Meryl, with New York boasting the most per capita

To learn more about name popularity in the United States, please visit:

You may have seen the news that new scams have hit U.S. mobile consumers hard in recent weeks. The One Ring scam tricks users into returning an unknown call that rings just once – enough to show up in your missed call list – which is then routed to a paid service, racking up charges on your phone bill.

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currentidscamIn 2012, according to Pew Internet Research, 68 percent of cell phone users received unwanted sales and marketing calls with one-quarter saying they encountered this problem at least a few times a week or more frequently. Not only can we help you decrease those unwanted calls, with the new One Ring feature users of Current will be protected by:

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Alex Algard, the chief executive of, has been writing a lot of big checks lately.

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Employees and their families were also treated to a four-day getaway to Whistler in January.

That’s all on top of $2 million in special bonuses paid in September to employees, based on their vested options in the privately held online company.

After all the talk about the need for more tech workers to fuel the industry’s growth, perhaps it’s time to look at what’s being done to hang on to employees who are already in place, helping their companies continue growing…

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Just because we live in the digital age doesn’t mean greeting cards have gone out of style. In fact, the US Postal Service expects to deliver billions of cards, letters and packages this holiday season. But if you don’t have all the addresses you need to send your greetings, you’re not alone. Learn how people are collecting the information they need with the end of the year fast approaching.

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Did you know that only 30% of Americans use white pages phone books to look up telephone numbers and addresses and even fewer (22%) recycle them? And that about 5 million trees are pulped and printed into white pages phone books each year with an astonishing 165,000 tons ending up in landfills each year? And yet still , 70% of U.S. states require telephone companies to make and distribute phone books to their landline customers.

In celebration of this year’s Earth Day (April 22, 2012), we are bringing out an old favorite that asks you to really think…

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