Announcing the New Whitepages Caller ID App for Android


Today, I’m pleased to announce the newest release of Whitepages Caller ID for Android. We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up with a focus on identifying calls and making it easier than ever to decide which calls to answer or return. Redesigned and refreshed, we’ve added a dynamic caller ID display and more ways to control your caller ID experience. Get it free on the Google Play Store.


Always Know Who’s Calling

Approximately four billion calls are made every day in the U.S. On mobile phones, 35% of those calls are made from numbers not found in the phone’s address book. Caller ID fills in those gaps. Powered by the Whitepages database of over 600 million phone numbers and 250 million mobile phone numbers, Caller ID identifies unknown callers by name so you never miss an important call.


Identify Spam

Using Whitepages’ state-of-the-art phone reputation service and reports submitted by our Caller ID community, Whitepages Caller ID alerts you if an incoming call is suspected of spam. Call spam is a growing problem on mobile phones. Based on over 10 million spam numbers that we’ve analyzed, 47% of spam calls are telemarketers, 29% are scammers and 17% are debt collectors. Caller ID gives you the insights you need to ignore or avoid those unwanted callers.


Block Calls

Use Caller ID’s powerful call blocking feature to prevent unwanted calls from ringing through on your phone. Block telemarketers, scammers, your exes or any phone number you wish to ignore. When you block a number with Caller ID, you can choose to send it straight to voicemail or hang up automatically. Either way it allows you to avoid those persistent calls that keep interrupting your day.


Share Your Location & Photos

One of the most exciting new features in Caller ID is the ability to enhance your calls with your real-time location or a photo. Running late? Lost? Or just looking to meet up with a friend? Adding your location to a call sends a map and pin instantly to the person you’re calling. Want to share more in the moment? Add a picture to the conversation. Try it with friends so they can see where you are and why you’re calling. Caller ID’s sharing features lend more context to calls, so you know when to pick up the phone or return a call.


Control Your Caller Identity

Now Caller ID gives you the ability to control how you appear when you call others. Connect to Facebook or LinkedIn to add your display picture, city or job information when you place a call. Having the right information in your caller identity helps get your calls answered, especially by people who may not have you in their address book. You can update your caller identity within the Caller ID app or from your user account on


We hope you enjoy our redesigned app and all of the new features that Whitepages Caller ID brings to your phone.  We’ll keep improving the app, so you’ll always know who’s calling.


Want to learn more? Watch our video or download the app now to start talking on your terms.

Caller ID v3.4 is here: Stop call spam, keep contacts up to date


The WhitePages Caller ID app has been one of the leading Android apps since its initial release in 2008. With over 1 million caller IDs every day, hundreds of thousands of users and top charting positions in the Google and Amazon Android marketplaces, it’s been a resounding success.

Today we are releasing V3.4 of the WhitePages Caller ID app, which successfully identifies even more incoming calls, as well as making it easier to keep your contacts up to date. You can download it now here.

We’ve found a couple of key uses for Caller ID. One is to screen out Telemarketers and undesired calls. Caller ID 3.4 does an even better job of that by searching a database of the most frequently reported solicitors to catch more “call spam”.

Another important use is identifying welcome callers – friends, associates and business prospects – that may not be stored in your phone contacts. For these calls, we’ve added a new post-call option to update your phone contacts with WhitePages data. With just one tap, you can save full listing information including street address, company, job title and household members.

We’ve also updated our pricing options. The free WhitePages app still comes with a seven day trial of Premium Caller ID, which searches the broadest collection of data possible including cell phones and other hard to find listings. After seven days, you can upgrade to Premium Caller ID for $6.99 for 6 months of service. If you only need to ID calls once in a while, we’ve added a one-time lookup option for $1.99, so you can keep the free version of the Caller ID app and only lookup premium numbers when you need to.

With official records from verified sources – telephone companies, businesses, and people who update their verified listings on WhitePages – we have the most authoritative and complete collection of caller information anywhere. There are some similar apps that require users to upload their phone address books in exchange for getting access to caller ID. This has a couple of drawbacks: first, the information is unverified. Second, your personal address book is being used to identify other people’s calls. WhitePages only uses verified information and doesn’t publish or compromise your personal address book.

As you can tell, we’re maniacal about keeping contacts in order. If you want to take the next step, try out our Hiya contact management service. It fills in the blanks in your entire address book with the latest and greatest WhitePages info and tells you whenever there’s new data available. Go to to find out more.

We hope you enjoy the updates to the WhitePages Caller ID app – please leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Caller ID By WhitePages for the Google Android Phone


Have you ever gotten a call on your mobile phone you didn’t recognize and debated whether to answer the call or not? The answer is probably yes! Maybe you’ve missed a call from someone important, or answered a call from someone you didn’t want to talk to. Sure, Caller ID works on traditional phones, but if you use a mobile phone (like most people), there wasn’t much you could do about it – until now.

Caller ID by WhitePages has just been released as a new application for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone (also known as the “Google phone”). Now you can find out who’s calling, instantly. Caller ID by WhitePages will search 200 million U.S. listings and display the results in seconds. Answer the calls you want, skip the ones you don’t. You’re in control.

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We have an iPhone App!

Listing Detail

Listing DetailWe have some exciting news for anyone who has ever wanted to find a phone number, address, friend or business while on the go — the WhitePages Mobile iPhone application has just been launched!

The app can be downloaded for free from iTunes or the iPhone App Store (look in the “Reference” category).

WhitePages Mobile puts the WhitePages online directory of more than 180 million people in the hands of iPhone users, providing a fast and easy way to connect with friends, search nearby, get maps and directions, identify callers and more. The application makes mobile search remarkably easy, using either the iPhone’s GPS capabilities to automatically detect current location or smart text entry to recognize most search cities after typing one or two characters.

Some of the great features we’re most excited about:

When you look up listings, you can save them to your iPhone Contacts.
Keep all your friends and colleagues’ info up to date using WhitePages – create a new contact entry or update an old one.

Pull up your latest search results even when the phone is offline (such as on an airplane or in an elevator).
When you view a search result, it’s automatically saved on your phone in Recent Results.WhitePages Mobile Splash Page

Identify who just called you with Reverse Phone lookup
Protect your privacy and only talk to who you want to.

Automatically fill in search fields and get directions using your current location
Make comprehensive searches with only a few screen taps.

WhitePages Mobile represents the first product of the recent Snapvine acquisition. By combining the mobile application expertise of the Snapvine team with the people-search functionality and data available through the WhitePages API, the team comprised of WhitePages and former Snapvine employees was able to move quickly from concept to launch in a matter of weeks.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Add a comment here on the blog or leave a review on iTunes, then tell your friends about everything you can do with WhitePages Mobile!