Growing Up Weiner


The Peter Principle: in an hierarchy every employee tends to rise to the level of his incompetence. In Anthony Weiner’s case, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Here at WhitePages we deal with names all day, so when Weinergate hit we couldn’t help but wonder if poor Mr. Weiner had risen as high as is name would allow. After all, how many Presidents have had last names that also double as potty humor? Perhaps with a name like Weiner he was destined for that ironically befitting downfall.

Or on the other hand, perhaps growing up Weiner only makes one stronger, and the reason there aren’t other famous Weiners is because there simply aren’t that many Weiners. Well, curiosity got the best of us so we hit to find out just how many Weiners there are in America. As it turns out, Mr. Weiner is in good company.

growing up weiner1

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