Audience Extension in the Rapidly Changing World of Advertising


Things in advertising have come a long way since the days of Don Draper. A long long way. In the digital ad space technology is king and if you don’t stay up to speed you risk putting your business on the line.

When I started at WhitePages as an Account Manager I had the opportunity to work with highly experienced Account Executives whose job it was to sell display advertising on our sites. Two years later when I was promoted to that position, I was nervous to take on the role, but thrilled at the same time since I had learned from the best.

When you’re new to the game your first email response is like your baby’s first step. Your first meeting feels like you will definitely get that RFP (request for proposal). And after submitting your first proposal, you can’t image how they could not pick your site. After all those firsts, all you can do is wait for your first sale. Getting that first client on board was a definitely a challenge, but the real challenge was turning that initial sale into a long term relationship.

This particular client was very happy with the results they were seeing, and wanted to buy more inventory – inventory we were all sold out of. This is where things got interesting. After brainstorming with the team and my amazing Account Manager, we decided Audience Extension might be the missing piece. Audience Extension is a relatively new concept, and allows advertisers to reach highly coveted WhitePages users after they leave our site.

We presented this to the client and we immediately saw a smile on their face. This was something completely new not only for the client but for WhitePages as well…needless to say, we were excited to get to work! After a month of working very closely with both our extension provider, Audience Science, and client, our back end results improved tremendously, making us a top performing partner.

In this rapidly changing digital advertising industry I’ve learned that in order to maintain a longstanding successful partnership it’s imperative to research and test new solutions. While it’s important to maximize internal resources, it’s just as important to keep a pulse on technology available in the marketplace (some of my favorite trades are Media Post, IAB, Digiday, and Ad Age). With anything “new” in life, there is always a fear of the unknown. Being a confident seller and innovative thinker will only help you succeed and grow your book of business!

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3 thoughts on “Audience Extension in the Rapidly Changing World of Advertising

  1. Joe says:

    Social media has definitely changed the way advertisement is done. This new way of word of mouth marketing has allowed businesses to explode overnight with no advertising cost.

  2. Casey Deck says:

    Thank you for writing this, Ali. I enjoyed reading it. I agree, testing new solutions is imperative in this ever-changing industry.

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