Add Another Level of Security to Your Whitepages Listing


Want to add another level of security to your Whitepages listing? After you have created an account and claimed your profile (as I explain how to do in my previous post), gives you the power to choose who can access your information. Our “available by request only” feature allows you to see exactly who is requesting your information and lets you decided who you provide your details to.


Follow the steps below to make your information available by request only

While logged into your account, head to the “Directory” tab and select the edit button on the corresponding piece of information you wish to make available by request. You can choose your phone number, address, or both! Place a check mark inside the box marked “available by request only,” hit save, and success! It’s that simple.


Now comes the fun part…

When someone views your profile they will see this message:


When they click on the “Contact Me” button, you will receive an email from that will display the best method to contact the person trying to reach you. You then can call, or email them at your leisure. Alternatively, you can ignore the message and your contact information will not be shared with them.

If in the future you wish to make this information available to the general public, simply uncheck and Available by request box, click save, and you’re all set. These changes take effect instantly and remain in place until you choose otherwise.

We hope you enjoy this feature, and thank you for reading!

by Office Admin

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