A School Reunion $50 Giveaway!


School might be out for summer, but this summer might mean an invite to a class reunion. Reminiscing about ball games, science fairs, pulling all nighters and dances? Ever wonder about the guy in art class, or that girl in Geometry? Well, with that phone in your pocket and WhitePages.com at your fingertips, you can gather some intel before you head off to your reunion.

You won’t have to wait till your 55th reunion to get a second chance at love with a classmate*, or be mistaken for your sister at your hubby’s reunion (never mind that you’re wearing a name tag with, yes, your name)*. Indeed, with a few clicks on WhitePages you can see who’s still around and reach out to see if they’ve RSVP’d yes.

Now, we may not be able to give you a heads up on who got a nose job or who’s got the youngest kid, so you may have to just go ahead and go–to see who’s the most likely (and unlikely) folks to make a connection.

*true stories as told to the author by family members

Do you have a memorable school reunion tale, Cinderella story or nightmare? Tell us in the comments & share this post to be entered to win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon – winner chosen at random. Your comment/story will serve as an entry, and to be eligible to win you must share your story by Thursday, June 14th.

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7 thoughts on “A School Reunion $50 Giveaway!

  1. Beth Goethel says:

    My 25th High School Reunion was last summer and I made a point to sit with people that I don’t see very often. I re-connected with my “locker mate” who is now in Nashville, a friend in Colorado and another friend whose daughter had gone through Leukemia. We are now planning on getting together again to keep the ties and many people commented that they would love to have a 26th reunion. It was great to see so many people again that were such big parts of my life and see that true friendships don’t ever die…they just change as we change. These women are inspirations to me even today and I am lucky to have been given the chance to become part of their lives again and them in mine. If I had not gone to my Reunion, I would have missed out on so much!

  2. lisa s says:

    I have not gone to one of my reunions- NOT ONE, but love looking at the photos my friends post and usually happy I didn’t spend the money to fly to Florida, get a hotel and only hang out with the 10 people I already chat with on facebook everyday. OK, that said, I dug out my high school year book and was flooded with memories of being friends with both the not so cool and the most popular kids. It is very strange that almost every single popular or best looking person in my class have not become (from a 15 year old’s perspective) what I thought they would have become.
    Many of the prettiest girls are struggling like everyone else, never had a career, and are NOT with the hot boyfriends they had back then. Again- lesson learned, don’t ever envy others as their life might not be something you would ever wish for yourself- (me talking to the 15 year old me)- Lisa

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