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The 4th of July – a holiday, a celebration and a time to reflect. Though Independence Day celebrates the birth of American independence, it also celebrates the people that made our country what it is today. What names come to mind? Perhaps the name George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Many people have felt so connected with some of these leaders, that they’ve named their children after them. Read below to see just how many people share names with a few of our most memorable founding fathers.


George Washington
Admired for his horsemanship, dancing and ability to quote Shakespeare – George Washington was known for much more than his time as the “father of our country.”  Though Mr. Washington fathered no children of his own, he did father an incredibly popular name. How popular? Well, 1,513 people live in the USA with his name, 133 of which live in Texas.


Fun Fact: George Washington had none of his original teeth by the time he was 57. He wore ivory dentures from that point forward.

Alexander Hamilton
As the chief staff aide to George Washington, and first secretary of treasury, Alexander Hamilton is bound to be a memorable name. So memorable in fact, that 269 others in the US have kept the name alive. Majority of which reside in New York. Coincidence that Mr. Hamilton is buried, and lived most of his life in that same state? Maybe.


Fun Fact: No one knows the real year he was born. Alexander Hamilton claimed 1757 but his birth records claim 1755.

Benjamin Franklin
What title did Ben Franklin not have? Benjamin Franklin was not just known for his research in electricity and invention of the lightning rod. He was an author, inventor, politician, scientist, diplomat and more. With a brain like his, you can see why people would want to name their children after him. He shares his name with 401 people throughout the country – 38 of which live in California.


Fun Fact: Benjamin Franklin comes from a large family – 17 kids to be exact!

Thomas Jefferson
What is Jefferson most well known for? Writing the first draft of the Declaration of Independence. Part of his love of writing could possibly come from his love of books – he had 6,500 that he sold to the Library of Congress. If you’re a fellow booklover, that’s a perfect reason to name your kid after Thomas Jefferson. In fact, 522 people in the US are named Thomas Jefferson, 52 of which live in Texas.


Fun Fact: He loved paleontology, so much that he had a large debate about a mammoth that became a political cause.

John Adams
If you were the second president of the United States, you’d likely have a memorable name, too. So memorable that there are now 9,893 people that live in the US with that name. 789 in Florida and 718 in Texas. Phew!


Fun Fact: He was the first president to live in the White House. In fact, he moved in so early that there was still plaster and wet paint fumes.


James Madison

James Madison is known had many monumental achievements throughout his life. From co-writing the Declaration of Independence to becoming the fourth president of the US, he is memorable throughout US history. So memorable, that 753 people in the US share his name, most of which live in California.


Fun Fact: James Madison was the shortest president – 5’4’’ tall. That’s a big difference from George Washington’s 6 foot tall stature!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Find out how many people share your name.

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