8 Essential Apps for Thanksgiving Weekend


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which for many means a brief moment of familial bliss and delicious food surrounded by torrential downpour of stress.

Between long lines at the airport, cleaning, entertaining, cooking, entertaining, cleaning and waking up early to hit the shops, it’s a wonder we ever made it through Thanksgiving weekend without apps, glorious apps.

No, they won’t get cranberry sauce out of your favorite sweater, but they will help you hold onto a little sanity.

8 Essential Apps for Thanksgiving Weekend:

FlightTrack by Mobiata

flightrackerThe last thing you need when traveling over Thanksgiving is to be caught off guard by a flight cancellation or delay. FlightTrack keeps you two steps ahead of your fellow flyers with real-time updates on flight or gate changes.


Seat Alerts by ExpertFlyer

expertflyerThe second to last thing you need is to be stuck in the middle seat during a horrifically long cross country flight. Lucky for you ExpertFlyer has released an app for Android & iPhone that will send you an alert when the seat you want becomes available. It will even let you browse seat reviews left by previous flyers. Crazy, right!?

INRIX Traffic

inrixDoes the thought of getting on a highway between Nov 21st & Nov 25th make you want to crawl into a deep, dark hole? The people at INRIX know how you feel which is why they’ve delivered an innovative (and accurate) traffic app that will help you decide on the best route, the best departure time and will let your contacts know when to expect your arrival.

Dinner Spinner by All Recipes

allrecipiesYour vegan/gluten free cousin is joining in at the last minute? No problem. The All Recipes Dinner Spinner lets you search by ingredient and makes it easy to find recipes that match any dietary restrictions. You can even save ingredients to a mobile shopping list so nothing is forgotten at the store.

In the Kitchen by Food Network

foodnetworkFor the procrastinating chef, In the Kitchen by Food Network will be your best friend. Browse their featured “Thanksgiving Experience” to whip up the perfect menu for your feast in no time at all.



whitepagesSure, we’re a little biased, but we aren’t the only ones who think the WhitePages app is a great all around companion for Turkey day. Easily look up your neighbors’ phone numbers should you need to borrow a cup of sugar, organize a football game or heaven forbid notice something going terribly awry with their deep fried turkey experiment. You can also look up restaurant hours and menus should your own culinary experiment take a turn for the worse.

Black Friday Survival Guide

blackfridyaFew things in this world are more terrifying than missing out on killer Black Friday deals. The medical condition known as FOMO (fear of missing out) can be easily cured with the Black Friday Survival Guide by Sazze, Inc. This apps lets you in on the latest deals, lets you search for deals by store or category and will turn you into an all-knowing Black Friday superhero.


decideLittle known fact – just because something is 50% off doesn’t mean you should buy it.  Decide.com has built a smart shopping engine that not only helps you decide what to buy, but when to buy it as well with price predictions.  All those smartphones, tablets and TVs will still be there after Friday, and they might actually be a lot cheeper.


Are there any we’ve missed?  Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.



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