5 Tips to Protect Yourself from Phone Scams

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Phone Scams are really making headlines these days. For example, the IRS recently put out a warning about a scam where callers pose as IRS agents and attempt to gather personal information about the person they are calling. Many of these scams are based on greed – wanting you to think you’ve won the lottery, that you owe money (refer to the IRS scam), or curiosity – sometimes called the “1-Ring” scam – you think you’ve missed a call – and you call back – and the scammers rip you off by charging you long distance fees.

Most of these scams are targeting cell phones, rather than landlines. But the good news is that there are ways to protect yourself.

Alert 2

Tom Donlea, our in-house fraud prevention expert, has 5 tips to keep scammers out of your pocket:

1.    Hang Up Immediately – if it’s important, they’ll call back.

2.    Don’t Call Suspicious Numbers – ‘Nuff said.

3.    Use Mobile Apps to Screen and block calls – WhitePages Current and Mr. Number are two that are helpful.

4.    Don’t Provide Credit Card Info – Only give out bank info if YOU make the call.

5.    Never Pay Money Upfront.

Check out the video link below for more info:

VIDEO: WhitePages’ Tom Donlea gives advice about phone scams

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