5 Names of Downton Abbey that deserve a comeback


Some names are timeless, ‘Mary’, for example, is one such name.  It’s withstood every new trend, and has remained one of the most popular girls names for as long as we’ve been tracking them. Other names are not so lucky.

Downton Abbey brings to light a bygone era of gramophones, butlers and corsets, as well as ‘Beryl’s, ‘Ethel’s and ‘Elsie’s.  We’ll never be able to re-live that time, but these 5 names of Downton are definitely deserving of a comeback.


5.  Violet


According to WhitePages Names, ‘Violet’ hit a its peak in 1919, then almost completely fell out of favor about 30 years ago.  As one of the first flower names to become popular, ‘Violet’ definitely deserves a comeback, and is doing its best.  Today, 33% of people with the name are under the age of 12.


4.  Gwen


This name hit its stride in the middle of the century, and has since taken a turn for the worse. ‘Gwen’ is the short version of ‘Gwendolen’, which conjures up images of an era long before Downton Abbey.  Though not as popular as ‘Mary’, ‘Gwen’ is a timeless name that we’re sure to see again.


3.  Evelyn


While no longer a boy’s name, ‘Evelyn’ is starting to make a comeback as a girl’s name.  Like the name ‘Violet’, ‘Evelyn’ fell out of popularity about 30 years ago, but is coming back strong.  As of 2013, 23% of people with the name ‘Evelyn’ were under the age of 12.  Unfortunately, only .06% are male.


2.  Vera


If you’re an avid viewer of Downton Abbey you’re probably wondering why this name made our list. Putting prejudices aside, ‘Vera’ is a beautiful name that has fallen into obscurity since its height of popularity in 1911.  Vera Bates didn’t help the cause much, but we’re still hopeful.


1.  Sybil


Perhaps we’re a little biased, but never-the-less, ‘Sybil’ deserves a comeback.  Only 18,143 Americans have this name, and of those people only .06% are under the age of 12.  ‘Sybil’ hit its peak in 1919, and has been trending down ever since.  We’re hopeful Sybil Branson helped turn the tide on this name.

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