411 Now Available as a Free App for your iPhone!

Introducing the new 411.com app!

March Madness fever took hold here at WhitePages on Friday as cheers and groans were heard throughout the day as tournament brackets stayed intact, or were hopelessly busted. But the real cheers erupted when the “Ready for Sale’ button in iTunes Connect went green, and our 411 app for iPhone became available.

Introducing the new 411.com app!

411.com, a free directory assistance site powered by WhitePages, is now available as an iPhone app. 411 for iPhone is an easy and convenient way for people who frequent 411.com on their computer to get the same helpful directory assistance information for people and business while on the go. The 411 app features the ability to Find a Business, Find People, and enter a telephone number into Reverse Phone to get a name.

The 411 app also allows users to place a call, find directions, or save phone numbers and addresses to their iPhone contacts. Another great feature is that 411 for iPhone saves a list of recent searches for easy reference on or off the wireless network.

411 is powered by contact information from WhitePages’ 200 million U.S. people and 15 million business listings.

I am very pleased to say that you can now download the app to your iPhone by searching for 411 in the iTunes App Store. Enjoy!

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