Team Bonding on a Budget

Lauren Jacobsen —  May 6, 2011 — 3 Comments

Do you break into a cold sweat and start seeing dollars signs when anyone says, “team building activity?” Not to worry, with a bit of creativity you can leverage your own staff to facilitate a fun and truly engaging group activity, with very little time or monetary investment.

Everyone at WhitePages works extremely hard and sometimes so hard that we don’t have time to interact with our colleagues on different floors. But just as spring has infused the Pacific Northwest with warmth and sunshine (at least one day per week), so did the WhitePages HR team infuse our company with fun and intrigue on Friday, April 22nd with an inexpensive group activity – AN EGG HUNT!

This wasn’t your Nana’s egg hunt; our 500 eggs were filled with candy, dollar scratchers, gift certificates, DealPop Points and clues – that’s right clues! In an effort to have people interact with those they wouldn’t ordinarily, we selected 20 people from across various functional teams and asked them to contribute one interesting fact about themselves that others might not know. We printed multiple copies of each clue, stuffed them in eggs, and watched as everyone tried to figure out who once loaded mulch into Michael Keaton’s Mercedes, or who was once ranked the number two mathematician in the state of California.

As the team figured out who belonged to what clue, they filled in the blanks, and deposited their clue in a box for a prize drawing – two one pound chocolate bunnies, and one copy of Howard Schultz’s new book Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul with a Starbucks gift card as the grand prize.

Total monetary investment: $150 (500 eggs, ten $1 scratchers, four $5 gelato gift certificates, two 1lb. chocolate bunnies, grand prize book/gift card combo, numerous bags of candy)
Total time investment: 4-6 hours (purchasing goods, collecting clues, stuffing and hiding eggs)

Initial naysayers, soon became fiendish egg-seekers, and this one activity has had a lasting effect on group interactions, and has noticeably increased morale.

How has your organization facilitated team bonding on a budget?

3 responses to Team Bonding on a Budget


    Great article. I work for a team building company, and companies spend thousands of dollars to create the bonds that you achieved with a small amount of time and a small fraction of the standard cost. While I still think my company is worth the price time after time, I can not disregard a competing creative idea with a successful outcome! Fantastic concept. Well executed. Good job.


    What a fun bonding experience, and very eloquently written.


    What a fun bonding experience, and very eloquently written.

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