Brand Building: SEO, meet Usability and Brand.

Note: This post is the 9th in a series on Brand Building that highlights the approach that WhitePages has taken over the past 15 months to build and reposition its brand.

The following post was written by Darren Dalasta who is our Sr. Marketing Manager running the search marketing team.  He’s been working making sure we maintain and improve our search ranking while we undergo our site’s upgrade. Read the full post below!

For those not familiar with SEO it stands for Search Engine Optimization. Many people, even in marketing or technology, still see SEO as that black art of marketing with a mad scientist sitting in his/her own corner spinning a web of deceit laying a trap for the search engines. Luckily, most have evolved a bit, and you will get more out of your SEO efforts by working WITH your brand and usability (and other) teams than by yourself in that corner. It is becoming evident that brand and SEO are becoming increasingly connected.

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